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The premier meditation studio MNDFL has officially launched a Williamsburg studio after experiencing much success at their Greenwich Village and Upper East Side locations.

The act of mindfulness was first introduced to me last year when I was feeling anxious in this crazy city (if you can make it here you can make it anywhere … right?!). I was told that by focusing the mind it would help me manage my stress level. Unsure if this mere “mind game” would help, I held off on seeking out a place of practice. Over the year the mindfulness concept kept appearing in reputable publications so I decided to give it a go when I heard the Williamsburg location was opening.

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MNDFL works like other boutique fitness studios in the city except here you are working out your mind and not breaking a sweat from physical exertion. A variety of classes are offered (30-, 40-, and 60 minutes in length) and can be booked in areas like intention, emotion, mantra, sound, sleep and even kid for the youth. You secure a class by booking a mat and this can be done through dropping in (first time $10), a monthly membership (first month $75 for unlimited usage), or other package combinations. There is also the option for private lessons and members can use the studio for personal meditation when it’s not in use.

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At MNDFL you are given the opportunity to find a meditation practice that works best for you with Chief Spiritual Officer, Lodro Rinzler, who is leading the charge at all three studio. Lodro is a meditation teacher, the founder of MNDFL and the author of six books on the subject. He is also the one who oversees the studio teachers and has made it his goal to make meditation available for all.

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Each of these classes are focused on a different aspect of mindfulness. Perhaps you want to learn to focus your breathing so to become more present? Maybe you have a lot of emotions and want to learn how to work through that energy? How about unwinding after a long day at work? The first class I took and recommend is MNDFL 101, taught by Lodro. This gives you a taste of what mediation is and breaks down the differences between the various types of meditation.

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No matter the reason behind your visit, the MNDFL studios are an oasis in this urban jungle that we live in and a gift for your mind. Our lives are moving so fast that it can’t hurt to find new ways to just be in the moment. Time magazine shared a study that found anxious people who took a mindfulness course where they learned several different strategies reacted to stress better and had a lower hormonal and inflammatory response than people who didn’t practice mindfulness. I just started my meditation journey and look forward to seeing how it positively affects my anxiety level.

– Lauren

Photos by Arianna Bickle via Small Girls PR