ACME Restaurant by Yvonne Lee (4)

A few weeks ago we went to visit Acme, a staple in the trendy Noho neighborhood. Nearby the NYU campus and boutiques in Nolita, you’ll find a casual but upscale atmosphere while enjoying French-Italian cuisine.

In early 2016, Acme reopened after tapping Chef Brian Loiacono, formerly of Daniel, db Bistro Moderne, and Ruschmeyer’s, and bringing his French and Italian culinary expertise. After a year of running their delicious seasonal menus for dinner, Acme has recently launched a weekend brunch menu. As every New Yorker loves brunch (or hates to admit they love it), we were excited to taste first hand what they had to offer.

ACME Restaurant by Yvonne Lee (6) ACME Restaurant by Yvonne Lee (7)

For a healthy option, we tried the Hot Grains Bowl. I rarely choose the healthy option when it comes to my brunch selections for fear of dishes being boring and not filling, but I ordered this with an open mind. The bowl came packed with barley, quinoa, and farro, with roasted squash and topped with poached eggs, veggies, and home made ricotta. The grains and squash were highly filling, and the added herbs to the poached eggs made for a very flavorful dish. We paired this with the crispy artichokes on a bed of lemon ricotta, a great dish for sharing.

ACME Restaurant by Yvonne Lee (9) ACME Restaurant by Yvonne Lee (10)

For the second main we ordered the Coal Crusted Burger with comte cheese, tomatoes, gem lettuce, and green peppercorn mustard. The burger is cooked to order, which we ordered as medium rare to keep the juiciness of the meat. I typically douse my burgers in ketchup, but this burger was already enhanced with delicious herbs.

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We paired the burger with a side order of potato roti. At first glance it looks like a weird piece of toast, but looking closer you can see the thin layers of potatoes neatly stacked on one another. The crispy edges is contrasted with the smooth, buttery inside.

ACME Restaurant by Yvonne Lee (13) ACME Restaurant by Yvonne Lee (14)

Other signature brunch menu items include Grandma’s Pancake, which is one large pancake with honey ricotta, gala apple, mint and topped with maple syrup. For meat lovers there is the Blood Sausage with buttery lentils, pearl onions, fried egg and chives. And for those who like their brunch to cross over into dinner, try the Rigatoni pasta with scallions, bacon, Gutenberg cheese and circulated egg. We’ll be back to try more of these delicious brunch specials!

To finish off our meal, we ended with Uncle Pete’s Ricotta Cheesecake. Not sure who Uncle Pete, but he gets kudos for creating a unique but simple cheesecake! The ricotta flavor is subtle, and for people who fear raisins, the raisins are not super apparent. The crumbs add a great crunchy texture to go with the smooth, creamy cake.

ACME Restaurant by Yvonne Lee (15)

While New Yorkers are clamoring to try the new brunch menu at Acme, don’t forget their spectacular dinner menu and come back again in the evening!


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ACME Restaurant by Yvonne Lee (2)

9 Great Jones Street
New York, NY 10012

Photos by Yvonne Lee