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Last week we had the pleasure of visiting the M4D3 Shoes showroom in Midtown for a preview of their Fall collection, also featuring styles from Sudini, the comfort-focused shoe collection, as well as Groove, a fun, stylish junior brand. Guests got their groove on and saw the amazing display of shoes and boots.

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The selections from all the brands are understandable and are generally for everyday wear, but have twists of interest for a unique fashion moment.

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I loved the subtle details of the studs, fur trims, and mixed media. The shoe silhouettes mirror the trends going on in the retail landscape, but the special attention to details make the brand stand out. Chunky sneakers were prominently on display and came in fun metallics and textured animal prints.

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On display were some summer/pre-fall heels. We loved the heels that came in both suede and leather options, as well as a funky blue espadrille with beading on the heel.

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Their flats are functional and comfortable, as flats should be, but have stand-out details. We loved the mismatched rhinestones on the ballet flats, and the mixed patent and suede pointed toe flats is one of M4D3‘s signature styles.

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In addition to creating a fashionable shoe collection, M4D3 Shoes strives to create products with a purpose and partners with non-profits and other organizations to help create social change.

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For every pair of M4D3 shoes purchased, M4D3 Shoes will donate two books to a child in need through their nonprofit partner, First Book.

As a bonus for our readers, receive 15% off your M4D3 purchase using the code SOCIALLY15 at checkout! Use the code through June 1st, make a difference helping while shopping stylishly.

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Photos by Yvonne Lee