The Opening Night : of TEFAF New York Spring

On Wednesday, May 3rd I attended the Opening Night of TEFAF New York. I love this event each and every year!

The more I look at art the more appreciation I have and the more I develop my own taste. I have gone to a lot of art museums but I love this event as this is specialists that does this all day long and they have the time to talk to you about the art and teach out about the style, artist and the story behind the pieces they are displaying. Yes, they would love to sell you their pieces but they, also, understand it is about developing relationship and guiding people to make the right choice, especially as some of these pieces are at a significant cost and investment.

 The Opening Night : of TEFAF New York Spring

I would never be able to pay the prices that were displayed in most locations last night but it was like going into a temporary exhibition at a museum and even better, the proceeds from The Opening Night of TEFAF New York is benefiting The Society of Memorial Sloan Kettering.

 The Opening Night : of TEFAF New York Spring The Opening Night : of TEFAF New York Spring

Some of my favorite things that I saw last night were the Danish furniture from Dansk Møbelkunst Gallery. Yes, I am biased but honestly, the designs of Danish furniture is exceptional and incredible clean and functional, so how can you not love it?

 Danish furniture 1 by Socially Superlative Danish furniture 2 by Socially Superlative

Another favorite of mine was the Dali sculpture sold by Di Donna Galleries in New York. I am a huge Dali fan and have been ever since I visited his house in Spain in 9th grade. This was a fun eccentric piece with his legendary ants on it. If I could afford it, I would have bought it!

 Dali Sculpture by Socially Superlative

I am a sucker for drawings and certain prints. I love Beckman, Schiele, and Klimt, and there were some beautiful ones from all three artists. They are so thoughtful in how they are done and really showed women’s beauty even at their worst. My husband and I fell in love with this print by Edvard Munch called The Kiss. It was displayed by John Szoke, who is located here in New York.

 Klimt drawing 1 by Socially Superlative

There were so much to see from ancient Greek and Roman art, to Picasso Jewelry. I am, normally, not a sculpture lover but there were pieces from Dali, Junko Mori (loved the texture) and Alexander Calder.

 Junko Mori by Socially Superlative

They will be there through Monday, so I advise you stop by and enjoy. They only come around twice a year and it is always a different theme and selection of art.

– Line

Photos by BFA/Carl Timpone & Hunter Abrams and by Socially Superlative