TNT Claws (6)

To close out the Innovation portion of the Northside Festival and to support their show that was debuting that weekend, TNT in conjunction with Taste Talks, hosted a supper club inspired the TNT show, Claws. The network took over Kinfolk 90 for the occasion and outfitted it as the TNT Backstory Studios for the week.

 TNT Claws (4)

For this specific event, Lucinda Sterling, of Middle Branch fame, made strong daiquiri cocktails like the Captain’s Blood, with rum, lime, simple syrup and Angostura bitters and the Cloak & Dagger with aged rum, Goslings Rum, lime and simple syrup.

 TNT Claws (2)

To play into a Southern Florida vibe of the show, the menu was comprised of grilled corn, tostones/sweet plaintains, salsa and chips, jicama salad and a ton of Cubano sandwiches.

 TNT Claws (3)

There was also music by Yerason and DJ Luiz Santos that really got the crowd going and transported guests to feel like they were in the tropial Florida climate. It was a great and innovative way to promote the show.

Having attended the supper club for the show Will during the Vulture Festival, looking forward to more of these pop ups from TNT!

– Stephanie Carino