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Earlier in June my husband and I were invited to Mezcaleria La Milagrosathe cool new hotspot in Williamsburg.

The place is a unique Mexican-inspired speakeasy where there are amazing drinks – for affordable prices – and a cozy sound studio inspired location where local and famous DJs come to play. It is hidden and not easy to get to, exclusive with reservation or invite only. Make sure to make your reservations in time, since it tends to get crowded.

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The owner is a well-known chef and restaurant owner in the neighborhood, but if you are not too familiar with Felipe Mendez, then you would not know that he is a DJ by heart and you will hear him play once and a while.

Felipe started out in Mexico but a love led him to London where he got his first taste of the restaurant business, which eventually led him to New York, where he opened Taqueria La Superior and Cerveceria Havemeyer. With the opening of Mezcaleria La Milagrosa (“The Miraculous”), his longtime dream has finally come true.

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A place that celebrates mezcal, the Virgin Mary (the Miraculous), and great music, this is the new hot spot in Williamsburg. The attention to detail, especially, from the sound perspective is impeccable. The way the room has been built to the sound systems set in place makes for the perfect small space to listen to amazing music while hanging out with your friends.

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If you are a person who is not into the “club scene” but enjoys the smaller and intimate atmosphere, this is your place. If you arrive early, only a few people are hanging out and it is the perfect date location where there is music in the background but not so loud you can’t carry a conversation. Lights are dimmed and the drinks are really good. Come around 10:30 PM and the place starts filling up, even on a week day.

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If you are into DJs and love this type of setting, I highly recommend that you follow their Instagram (@mezcaleriamilagrosa) where they post who will be playing and when. If it is a well-known DJ the image will be greyed out for a surprise.

🌴FM&GP🌴 🔥🎺🔊

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As this is a place that celebrates mezcal, I highly recommend that you try out some of their special mezcal collections. There is something for any taste, from the smoky to the more fruity. If you are not a mezcal fan, rest assured, they have other spirits and a good selection of tequila. The bartenders are incredible and knows their spirits. They have taken the time to get to know their selection so do not hesitate to ask questions.

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Go check it out. I promise you would not be disappointed.

– Line

Mezcaleria La Milagrosa
149 Havemeyer Street
Williamsburg, Brooklyn, 11211

Photos via Benvenuti PR and by Socially Superlative