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Earlier in the summer my husband and I were invited to come by Gristmill, a restaurant in heart of Brooklyn. Even if you don’t live in Brooklyn, this restaurant is worth the trip. Not only will you be going outside of your regular neighborhoods but you would get a mouthwatering experience.

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The menu is perfect. Not too much and there is a bit of everything for everyone and best of all. It is truly a farm to table experience. They source their food from local farms (150 mile radius) and makes sure to list the farms the main items in the dish comes from.

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We tried quite a lot and I was about to declare my favorite dish, but then I looked down the list and everything was so good that it is worthy of a call out.

We started out with their Garlic Knots as they are known for those and they are not your usual garlic knots from the sketchy neighborhood deli. They are so much better. Why, you ask? They are made out of sour dough. Yes! Sour Dough and they are so delicious. They also have a knot with salmon and crème cheese and that is just happy food experience overload. You need to have one of those.

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Our mains were a burger along with Bok Choy and a spicy pork sandwich. The burger did not last long. The dry aged grass fed beef SHINED! I don’t think I have had such a good burger and I have had my fair share. The Spicy Pork Sandwich was just… I can’t even form the words. It was just that good. We had a little there but took the rest to go and it was just as good the next day.

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Their pizza is a bit different so make sure you set your expectations. That does not mean that they are not good. They are frea… fantastic but it is a sour dough bottom so just be aware as the taste is slightly different from your regular pizza slice. We had the Pepperoni pizza and the sausage was so flavorful and not overly salty as most pepperoni can get.

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The sheer quality of the produce and all the ingredients really shines and stands out, from the apps and main dishes to dessert and cocktails. It is rare that you come across such a great quality and I have already let all of my friends and colleagues know that Gristmill should be their next stop!

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Oh and did I mention that they have an awesome outdoor seating area in the back where you can smell fresh wood throughout?

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They will see me soon again.

– Line

289 5th Avenue, Park Slope
Brooklyn, NY 11215

Photos via Gristmill and by Socially Superlative