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Unless you’re one of the 1%-ers you can’t just jet-set off to Maine every weekend. So what do the other 99%ers do? If you live in Manhattan or one of her four crazy sisters you make your way over to South Street Seaport and have some of the best seafood west of Maine at Industry Kitchen, a beautiful waterfront dining destination a few steps from the East River.

If you follow my posts here on Socially Superlative you may have read my review of their place earlier in spring – click here to view it! My girlfriend and I were recently invited back for another special VIP tasting from their new summer menu. And what a menu it is folks. The last time we went we absolutely loved the place and this time was no different.

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After saying hello to our friend Shaq (one of the coolest waiters you’ll ever meet) we proceeded to the bar to try two of their new seasonal beverage creations made by Tyler, a friendly mixologist. First up was his Frosé. I’m not a big wine drinker, but on a hot summer day this frozen rosé slushy was exactly what was needed to cool off. After two of these delicious treats I tried the new Absinthe on-tap. Not being a big boozer, it was too much for me but for those of you a bit more boozy you’ll love it, just like my girlfriend did.

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Sufficiently hydrated, we parked our rumps and started in or our food. First up was their Avocado Toast with tomato, feta, basil and olive oil, with dips of creamy ricotta and artichoke with herbed focaccia. Yummy! Then came the Chargrilled Octopus prepared with chorizo, olive oil, garlic, oregano, and baby potatoes and the Seasonal Grilled Cauliflower. I’m a sucker for Cauliflower and like it cooked just about any way, but what they did with it was terrific. With pecorino and caper lemon relish, it was one of my favorites of the night. A close second though was the Watermelon Salad with feta cheese, pickled onion, mango, mint, and caper berries. If you’re looking for a great summer salad look no further. If you wanna stay in the sea, try the Grilled Calamari Salad with baby greens, cucumber and sweet chili mango dressing. Both are excellent.

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Taking a quick break, we had Tyler make us a few more cocktails. He recommended the Yellow Effect for me as I told him I liked my drinks a bit sweet. Make with clove, cinnamon & brown sugar infused vodka, triple sec and orange, it was my favorite drink of the evening. My girlfriend chose the Formula 70 with Lunazul Blanco Tequilla, Cointreau, muddled blueberries & lime juice, which she also enjoyed.

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Back from the bar we started up again with a Long Bone Duo Steak, a 3lb foot long bone-in Ribeye with truffle port wine and gorgonzola sauces and potato curls. WHAT?! How could we eat all this stuff? Well, there were other people there too, but truth be told we probably could out eat and out drink every single one of them. The steak was fabulous. Not a meat-eater? Try the Lobster Fumet with mussels, shrimp, white fish, octopus, and black linguini with saffron sauce. It’s as fresh as fresh can be and damn delicious too. 

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Did you know that Industry Kitchen is also known for it’s wood-fired designer pizzas? Our server Allan brought out an assortment of pizzas for us all to sample, including a Hot Apricot (mozzarella, prosciutto, chives, honey & sriacha), Spinach (creamy artichoke, cheddar and parmesan), Alligator (pepper jack, cajun peppers, fresh tomato & onions) and Smoked Salmon Pizza (Nova Scotia, crème fraiche, red onion, fresh dill & crispy capers). Can you guess which one was my favorite? I can’t, as I loved them all – but OK, the Spinach was my favorite.

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Nearly full we had to fit in a bit of dessert, as it wouldn’t be polite not to, right?! We tried the Pop Candy Land Pizza with rainbow crush, cream cheese frosting, pop rocks, sprinkles and cotton candy. OMG – it was AWESOME! If you have kids they’ll love it, but they’ll probably never sleep again after eating it. To finish off the evening we had to help in eating their huge signature Industry Puff, a puff pastry with burnt sugar ice cream, whipped cream, toasted almonds and dark chocolate sauce. With 5 of us trying we couldn’t all finish it. And we really tried, too.

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My girlfriend Natalia and I really like this place and you will too. With excellent food, great cocktails, terrific service, and just a stone’s throw from the river, it’s a great summer spot to cool off.

– Michael

Industry Kitchen
70 South Street
between Maiden Lane & Pine Street
New York, NY  10005