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At the beginning of the month, my husband and I went to check out Pig Island in Red Hook, Brooklyn for their 8th annual event. It was our first time, though, and it was AWESOME! If you have not gone before, it is worth the trek so come join us next year. We will be there!

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Unfortunately, we were greeted by vegan activists who wanted to shame us for eating pig, but to no avail. The event was too awesome! The weather was perfect, the food was incredible, and there were so many drink varieties that you could not possibly leave disappointed. And people were nice, welcoming, and in a great mood. It was truly the perfect day, and I have not had one of those in a LONG time!

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I think for once my pictures tell the full story. Eat, relax and be merry. There was a good selection of different options for both food and drinks and people were just hanging out, playing some lawn games and just had a great time. It is perfect if you have a kid or two who you want to run tired. A lot of families came out and there were an overall interest in the food, how it was made, how the pigs were raised.

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Some of my favorite foods were from Alice’s Arbor (we just reviewed the restaurant and they just love to love food!), Smoke Show (their knowledge and passion shined through the food, and their mini sliders were my favorite!), Jake’s Handcrafted (best sausages), and Insa (best pork bun that I have EVER had, and I need their recipe for pickled onions!).

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The most clean tasting dish and perfectly cooked belly was to be found at Hoodoo Brown BBQ. If you are on the road, be sure to swing by- you will not regret it!

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These were just a handful of spots and food is always subjective but you can’t go wrong with any of these. As you probably already know if you follow us on Socially Superlative, my hubby has a bit of a sweat tooth. Since it was a pork event there was not any desserts, but we did come across the most delicious candied popcorn: BaCorn by Roni Sue, perfect for a pork event. Caramalized popcorn with bacon bits! Yes, you read that right, it has bacon! You can order them online or find them around the city, and they are perfect as a party treat.

Pig Island (13)

I am going to Pig Island again next year! See you there!

– Line

Photos by Socially Superlative