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Not sure how Vida Verde snuck in under the radar last year right on the cusp of the Times Square area, but with Cinco de Mayo just mere days away, they want to make sure they’re one of the contenders for celebrating with their #Brunchacha offering.

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Once you enter Vida Verde, the first thing you notice is the sheer photogenic nature of the space. Art murals adorn the walls. Multicolored string lights hang over the bar. Pool floats dangle above your head. It’s an Instagrammers’ dream.

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That dream will get deeper with the completion of Victor “Marka27” Quiñonez’s street art mural decorating the coveted outdoor area. The space is to open within the upcoming weeks and anything outdoors in the area is a rarity.

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There’s a DJ on premises during Brunchacha that just knows what to play, like he’s tapped into your Spotify playlist. And coincidentally or not, the brunch crowd is pretty, you’ll agree. They’re, like, really pretty.

All of the distractions aside, the food and spirit offering are extremely solid for a Mexican restaurant. And moderately priced too. Socially Superlative was able to get a sneak peek of the menu before the imminent Mexican holiday and learned all about Mezcal from Justin Lane Briggs from Skurnik Wines.

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The #Brunchacha menu is affordably priced at $40 for unlimited Bloody Marys, Mimosas, Beers or Cava option and $50 to throw Margaritas, Micheladas or Palomas in the mix You also get a complimentary piñata! (WHAT?!). Depending on what you’re craving that day, there’s also specialty cocktails that may tickle your fancy.

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There are donkey and parrot glasses and even punch bowls that you can order to do it for the ‘gram that will be delicious too. I tried The Good Neighbor Policy, which was their take on a Strawberry Daiquiri. The sweet cocktail concoction was comprised of Plantation 3 Start Rum, J.M. Rhum Agricole Blanc, Strawberry, Rhubarb and lime, served in a dainty coup glass.

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Out of the brunch dishes we got to sample, the Aztec Pancakes, Mexican Poutine, and Sunrise Quesadilla were faves. I’m not a big pancake fan, but the Aztec Pancakes taste like a more savory banana bread, extremely moist and flavorful. The Sunrise Quesadilla was packed with avocado and the Mole Cauliflower sauce married all the flavors together in harmony. They Mexican Poutine is also a must. The sunny side egg on top and the salsa verde make the fries the right combination of soft and crispy.

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But we weren’t done yet. Justin took us through different Mezcal offerings at Vida Verde and helped us understand just how fragile the agave plant is that yields the spirit. The tasting made us appreciate the process and stop to think about what makes us the cocktails we drink. The venue really takes care in choosing their mezcal and tequila offering, which is apparent in the rare options they have on site to try.

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We also got a sneak peek of the outdoor space, which brunch goers and happy hour fanatics alike will flip over. The space will be able to fit ~70 seated for brunch and ~150 of the after work crowd in a standing capacity.

Lastly, no over-the-top Mexican brunch would be complete without hitting a piñata. Maybe it wasn’t the safest idea to tackle after all those cocktails, but it was definitely still fun.

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Bottom line is, I know where I’ll be for Cinco de Mayo. And regardless of when you come visit, you should get the guacamole in addition to your brunch entree, even though it’s extra. #VivaVidaVerde

– Stephanie Carino

#Brunchacha at Vida Verde
248 West 55th Street
New York, NY 10019

Photos by Socially Superlative