To usher in the start of summer, Sushi by Bou hosted a tasting preview to celebrate the opening of their outdoor courtyard. 

Sushi by Bou makes sushi accessible with their under-30 minutes omakase experience in a unique speakeasy setting. Chef David Bouhadana brought this to life at Sushi by Bou‘s first location in the Sanctuary Hotel in Midtown West. Once word got out about this 12-piece omakase experience for $50, it quickly became popular and has since opened a second location inside Jue Lan Club in Chelsea. With better weather finally upon us (fingers crossed), Sushi by Bou welcomed us to their outdoor patio location.

Sushi by Bou, photo by Yvonne Lee (9) Sushi by Bou, photo by Yvonne Lee (10)

Not that anything is wrong with Midtown West, but the Chelsea location definitely has a much cooler vibe. Perhaps it’s the nostalgia remembering the late nights at the Limelight when it was still a club. It helps to know that after you pass the Limelight, you have to walk through into the Jue Lan Club patio entrance to reach the Sushi by Bou counter, as there is no obvious sign.

Sushi by Bou, photo by Yvonne Lee (1)

The counter seats only about eight guests, so get cozy and comfortable as you get ready for a quick but excellent sushi experience. The menu consists of hamachi, albacore tuna, ikura, salmon, toro, unagi, scallops, and – my personal favorites- even uni and wagyu.

Sushi by Bou, photo by Yvonne Lee (7) Sushi by Bou, photo by Yvonne Lee (6)

The offering is on par with other excellent omakase restaurants, and each piece is carefully prepared. The sauces are selected for each individual type of fish and are brushed on, so expectation is that you do not need to add anything else. Needless to say, I was slightly horrified when the person next to me dunked their piece into a pool of soy sauce – but to each their own?

Sushi by Bou, photo by Yvonne Lee (5) Sushi by Bou, photo by Yvonne Lee (8)

(But really, please don’t. Sushi chefs spend years and decades perfecting their craft and some may consider it an insult.)

We were lucky to see Chef Bouhadana in action at the preview event.

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Although 30 minutes may seem like a short amount of time, let’s be real: sushi is super easy to eat and wolf down. You’ll still have time to savor each piece while watching the next one being prepared. However, if you prefer a longer dining experience, the Sushi by Bou team developed a new Sushi by Bae experience lasting 90-minutes for $100.

Sushi by Bou, photo by Yvonne Lee (4) Sushi by Bou, photo by Yvonne Lee (2)

The 30-minute Sushi by Bou experience is available for both lunch and dinner, and for the patio experience reservations can be made by texting: 917.870.1587. Also, for those lucky enough to jet out to the Hamptons, Sushi by Bou will also be summering out east from May 23rd through September 3rd at a new patio sushi bar behind Jue Lan Club Southampton.


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Sushi by Bou
in the Limelight Patio
49 W. 20th Street

in the Sanctuary Hotel
132 W. 47th Street