Although not everyone wants to go where everyone else is going, there are many good reasons why you should look for the latest trends in vacation destinations. Some of them are newly discovered places of interest that won’t have yet been transformed by tourism. However, there will always be those favorites that people love, and you know it’s a great place if everyone else wants to go there. Here are some of the top travel destinations for 2018.

Make Sure You Book Early

Though there is always the chance of getting a last-minute deal, you should always think ahead and try to book in advance. In many cases, the earlier you book, the cheaper it can be. So, if you are looking to book a hoteles en Guanajuato, then be sure to do it before it gets booked up.

The Thai Islands

If you have always fantasized about being in a castaway location with white sandy beaches and palm trees, then Thailand’s many islands are just what you need. There are dozens to choose from, and they all offer something different. You can go to one of the super-spas on Koh Samui or visit the chilled-out Koh Lanta which has miles of beaches and lovely places to stay.


The Yucatan Peninsula on the Atlantic Coast is a magical place with just the right mix of ancient buildings and bustling culture. There are many places to explore such as the temples, beaches, and wonderful haciendas. If you are looking for something a little off the beaten track, then head over to the Pacific coast. There you will also find beaches, but you will also find sleepy fishing towns.


The sea around Cyprus might be a little chilly in the winter, but don’t let that put you off. The island itself gets plenty of sun so you can often count on a t-shirt day even when its cold. March time is when you will see the islands flowers start to bloom, it is also a usually quiet time so that you can soak up the atmosphere unhindered.


The beautiful island of Bali is hot all year around, so there is no bad time to travel. They do have a rainy season around November to April, but even then, they are more of a tropical shower, so you will still see plenty of sun. One of the things Bali is famous for is its spas, and there are many of them on the island. They have a contemporary feel with dark wood and white linen. There is also the party atmosphere that has raves in one of its many coves under the enchanting moonlight. There are, of course, many beaches and leafy green jungles that you can explore or visit one of the horizon pools.

These are just a few of the travel destinations that have become popular this year. Although you might be drawn in by the lovely beaches, you should also look beneath the surface to see the other wonders that these beautiful places possess.