Shep Messing, Jordan Sprechman, Mary Carillo, Kevin O'Keefe
My hubby and I were invited to the media launch for New York Sports Tours earlier this summer and also were guests on one of their informative tours. New York Sports Tours is a newly established tour company here in New York which take between 14 and 30 people around Manhattan and tell you, while also showing you, the history of sports in New York and how it has impacted sports on a national and, in some cases, international level.

Did you know that tennis was first played on Staten Island in the U.S.?

Shep Messing, Mary Carillo Brian Cashman

The media launch was hosted by Mary Carillo, an award-winning sports broadcaster at NBC and former tennis player who has been a good friend of the people starting the New York Sports Tours. You will recognize her voice in some of the information you receive on video during the tour.

During the media launch we had an address by Brian Cashman, the New York Yankees Executive, General Manager and Senior Vice President, who called New York Sports Tours a lesson in history that will be presented in a way that will not make us forget.

Jordan Sprechman, Founder, New York Sports Tour Launch John Starks

The tour itself was amazing. I am not a sports-oriented person, but my husband sure is and he knows his baseball. Even for him there were new bits of information he had never known and found the tour very enlightening. If you are a fan of sports or history, and think you know all there is to know, these guys will surprise you.

Tour Vehicle Original Madison Square Garden 4th ave

The tour does not just talk about baseball; they touch upon tennis, boxing, basketball, the Olympics, golf, soccer, football, the New York Marathon, and much more. Even if you are simply a lover of history, as I am, this will be an awesome tour. There is so much history in this town on every corner.

 1971 Official Souvenir Program Frazier vs Ali 1916 Camp Football Guide

The  New York Sports Tours vehicle stops at the actual locations of each historical reference or story being mentioned or described. The presenter, in our case New York Sports Tours’ President, Kevin O’Keefe, explains the references, or guests are shown a short video or handed a piece of historical memorabilia to see and touch, such as an 1868 track & field medal.

1868 Track and Field Metal
You will be flooded with knowledge, maybe a bit too much, but the tour will have different lengths depending on how much information you can take in in one day. They are also developing new tours in different neighborhoods around New York City and the surrounding metropolitan area.

The tour has an option to end with a meal at Keens Steakhouse. Our meal was being hosted by New York Times Sports Writer Richard Sandomir who had recently written the book The Pride of the Yankees. At the meal we were all handed a copy of his latest book and I am confident that my hubby might even open this book.

Guests at Keens 8-4-18

Keens Steakhouse is a well-known establishment on West 36th Street which has a lot of sports history in itself and makes it the perfect place to end the tour. A specially made menu exists for tour participants from which you can choose a non-alcoholic beverage and a meal option.

The meal was intimate and relaxed so that the dinner host and the members of the tour share stories and information, which made it an enjoyable experience with never a dull moment.

New York Sports Tour Launch, Keen's Luncheon Meal

Whether you are a native New Yorker, a tourist in town visiting, a sports enthusiast, or lover of history, I recommend a purchasing a ticket now and make a reservation to attend New York Sports Tours.

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Photos via New York Sports Tours  and by Mike J. for Socially Superlative