KISS Lashes (3)

When I heard that KISS was doing their take on magnetic lashes, I jumped at the chance to be one of the first people to try them out at the KISS Lash Loft that was set up in the Penthouse at The Sixty LES Hotel.

As someone who can never put on my own fake eyelashes, I was hoping this would be my answer and I was right. I also liked that this made a mysterious product with countless YouTube videos of application, accessible and affordable!

KISS Lashes (7)

In addition to the adorable setup Kiss orchestrated, we were educated on how to apply the eyelashes by Celebrity Makeup Artist, Yvonne Macinnis, who has done makeup for Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner and Blake Lively among others.

KISS Lashes (5)

We were given JOAH liquid eyeliner and mascara to start our looks off before applying the eyelashes. They gave us the gateway eyelash drug of the half lash to create a cat eye type look. While I was unable to apply it with the patent-pending applicator, I took a page out of Johnny’s book, who assists Yvonne, and was able to place these lashes on my eyes and click the bottom lashes into place without the applicator all by myself once I left.

Tip for those that try these out, while applying my eyelashes I lost one of them for about a day and couldn’t find it only to have it stuck to the magnet of my Fitbit! The power of these little lashes is no joke!

KISS Lashes (1)

What I also love is that you end up looking like a million bucks without paying for it. The price point for these eyelashes is $11.88 and can be found at Walmart. Unlike other false eyelashes, you do not use glue on these, so if you take care of them, they will last a very long time. I’ve used the half lashes multiple times since the event and will work my way up to being able to apply the full eyelashes. Practice makes perfect! This is also a great alternative for those growing back in their natural eyelashes after having extensions since you’re not using glue, which irritates eyes during the growth period.

KISS Lashes (2)

Bottom line, I’m a believer after trying out the magnetic eyelashes and know you will be too!

– Stephanie Carino