Christmas is coming early this year for me. In fact, it’s coming this weekend. I’ve been a pretty good boy so far this year so my girlfriend is taking me to the 2019 US Pole Dance Championship at Peter Jay Sharp Theatre’s Symphony Space, hosted by the US Pole Dance® Federation (USPDF)

USPDF Pole Dance Competition (17)

While your first thoughts about pole dancing might be of a strip club (and, of course, you are right), the art of pole dancing is so much more. It is a serious all-body fitness workout that has become popular in gyms across the country and around the world. Here in NYC it’s sometimes hard to even get in a class at Body and Pole or NY Pole Dancing since they’re so popular. But don’t worry, as there are many other gyms that offer Pole Fitness Classes

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If you’re a Socially Superlative follower you may have read my review of last year’s Pole Dance Championship. Sexy is a tame word to describe how hot these performers were. Smoking hot babes doing crazy gravity defying sh*t is more like it! The core strength involved to do this stuff is unbelievable. Makes me ashamed to eat the cookie I’m about to… well, just one more.

USPDF Pole Dance Competition (27)

For the best show around town and ultimate weekend fiesta better come check-out the fantastic ladies at the 2019 US Pole Dance Championship. Just bring lots of water: it is HOT IN THERE!

USPDF Pole Dance Competition (10)

– Michael Riegelman

Buy your tickets HERE!

Sponsored by LUPIT POLE
(718) 292-2904

Presented by USPDF

Friday, April 12th @ 7:30pm. $50 
Expected Run Time 180 minutes

Saturday, Apr 13th @ 9:30am. $15
Expected Run Time 90 minutes

Saturday, Apr 13th @ Noon. $35
Expected Run Time 270 minutes

wSaturday, Apr 13th @ 7:00pm. $65
Expected Run Time 180 minutes

USPDF Pole Dance Competition (21)

More about The US Pole Dance Championship:

The US Pole Dance Championship (USPDF) is not only a competition, we strive to promote pole dancing as an “athletic art form”. This is no ordinary competition, with a seductive twist on entertainment. USPDF presents creative elite athletes possessing sensuality, grace, power and athleticism, USPDF never fails to deliver an enticing show. This show is broken up into four competitions, over 2 days. Categorizing each competition by Novice Level 1, Novice Level 2, Amateur and Professional athletes.

Start your weekend off Friday night with the not so amateur, amateur competition. USPDF will be not only showcasing some of the best female pole athletes in the USA, but it will also be the debut of introducing Men of pole, to the USPDF.

Saturdays afternoons are made for matinees. Keep the weekend party going with female athletes from all over the world that represent pole in its truest form. See the athletes that are getting started in pole competition, and learning to enjoy the sheer bliss of being on stage doing what they love to do. This competition is broken up into 2 sub divisions, Novice 1 and Novice 2. Each division will have a sexy and artistic category, showcasing the two most universal popular styles of pole.

Saturday night we will crown the next US Pole Dance Champion at the Professional show. USPDF has built it’s name on Professional elite athletes, crowning international pole stars such as Jenyne Butterfly, Alethea Austin, Natasha Wang, Michelle Stanek and Lara Michaels. Google them, it won’t be a waste of your time, we promise. This competition will bring out the most serious and experience elite athletes. Broken up into two categories compulsory and optional, these athletes will be training for months preparing for the challenge of winning the prestigious title as the 2019 US Pole Dance Champion. This you don’t want to miss!