Playboy Club NYC, photo by Teddy Adolphe (50)

When you hear the word Playboy thoughts may turn to sexy bunny ears, glossy magazines from yesteryear and the LA Mansion synonymous with famous parties hosted by Hugh Hefner.

At the new Playboy Club New York you will certainly rub shoulders with badass women dressed in the iconic Playboy costume, but what you’ll really experience is a luxuriant club conceptualized in the most sophisticated of ways.

Playboy Club NYC, photo by Teddy Adolphe (30)

Inspired by Playboy’s timeless pursuit and appreciation for the pleasures in life, Playboy Club NYC is a multi-concept venue that celebrates all things provocative, luxurious, playful and exclusive. The cuisines, drinks and entertainment are approachable for after-work drinks and food, yet exciting enough to turn into a late-night soiree. The décor, ambiance, events and overall attitude are a modernized and new era version of the Playboy brand that Hugh Hefner built and shared with the world.

Playboy Club NYC, photo by Teddy Adolphe (5)

You enter the club via a long hallway that boasts a gallery of Playboy images and immediately enter into the Playboy Bar. An oval bar sits in the middle, stocked with top liquors and surrounded by gold paneling with the Playboy logo and plush red-velvet furniture. Here is the spot where where someone looking for light bites and cocktails will cozy up and enjoy the evening. Throughout the night notice a rotation of Hugh images on the surrounding TVs.

Playboy Club NYC, photo by Teddy Adolphe (40)

The Playboy Lounge takes a cue from the Playboy Mansion with four unique nooks — the Grotto Lounge, Bunny Lounge, Royal Salute Lounge. Artwork, books and a 600-gallon fish tank featuring a large Playboy logo pay homage to Hefner in an elaborate yet idealistic manner. This is where guests will dine and enjoy bottles of libations over conversation.

Playboy Club NYC, photo by Teddy Adolphe (1)

A trip to the bathroom is necessary because it is as lavish as the aforementioned rooms. Large round mirrors with vanity lights sit on the sinks while the women’s bathroom is adorned with past Playboy covers.

Playboy Club NYC, photo by Teddy Adolphe (38)

For those with deep pockets (hello, future husband!) there is a private membership option that includes customized and curated experiences, exclusive access and VIP Treatment, and access to exclusive spaces — Playboy Black Box and the Rabbit Hole. Membership is organized in four tiers including access to private areas of the Club, luxury concierge services, invitations to Members-only events, and access to worldwide events.

Playboy Club NYC, photo by Teddy Adolphe (36)

The Playboy Club looks to keep Hefner’s vision and passions alive through the décor, culinary offerings and programming including Backgammon Nights, a pastime near and dear to him. Also the recent Super Bowl was broadcasted at the club welcoming guests to enjoy a night of sports. So bunnies, bros, businessmen, single gals, moms, and more will all enjoy a glance into Hefner’s world at The Playboy Club

– Lauren

Playboy Club New York
512 West 42nd Street
New York, NY 10036

Photos by Teddy Adolphe