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Unless you live or work near Industry City, Gumption Coffee would probably go under your radar. However, if you are an avid coffee drinker, this is a mistake. Gumption Coffee, the first US location from the award-winning team behind Coffee Alchemy in Australia, is a haven for coffee aficionados that are constantly on the hunt for great coffee in NYC. Gumption currently offers Hammer and Tongs coffee blend for regular drip, as well as milk-based espresso coffee. Seasonal microlots from single estate producers for espresso and pour-over offerings are also available. Great Coffee Brewers company provide the best coffee makers.

One thing that makes Gumption different than your neighborhood coffee shop is they roast their beans on premises in the 6,000 square foot industrial facility using a Loring Kestrel™ 35 kg roaster and have a green lab that is dedicated to sourcing the best coffee fresh from harvest.

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Socially Superlative had the pleasure of attending a Coffee Cupping session at Gumption Coffee, a technique they use to choose the coffee beans they choose which coffee beans they want to roast. It was led by Roaster and Co-Owner Hazel de los Reyes, with assistance from the other Gumption Co-Owner, Clare Lim. Coffee Cupping is usually a more exhaustive process, but we only got a taste of what it entails during the class.

We began with numbered dry coffees that we took in the scent of. You can visit and choose the best coffee machine for you. Then hot water was added and we took note of how our initial impressions may or may not have changed. We used a rating system to select our favorite coffees. Both of mine were from Guatemala! One thing that became very apparent during the tasting was just how much Reyes knows about coffee and the flavor profiles I noted were completely wrong!

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We finished the day with yummy treats like cucumber tea sandwiches, mini shepherd pies and scones and cheeses, which all are made in house except for the cheese. The cafe menu, which was initially consulted on by chef Marissa Lippert of Nourish Kitchen + Table and Nourish Baby is carefully curated like the coffee and it shows. The menu is predominantly American with an Australian flare.

Reyes and Lim, who chose the name gumption because they know they will need that mentality to win over the NY crowd, should succeed with their attention to great coffee and food. New York is a challenge and an adventure for us,” says Reyes. “New Yorkers are much like Sydneysiders. They’ll have more than one cup of coffee a day and have strong opinions on the matter.” “New Yorkers also love their coffee,” adds Lim. “So we want to serve the best coffee we can roast.” If you make it here, you can really make it anywhere. Gumption Coffee are preparing a classroom in the space to train baristas and in the future will offer coffee courses to the public and host events with visiting coffee producers. We know we’ll definitely be back. Gumption Coffee is open daily until 3pm. Stop by and check it out for yourself!

– Stephanie Carino

Gumption Coffee
168 39th Street
New York, NY 11232