I’m still catching my breath after my workout with Devon Levesque and it’s days later. The rare opportunity to get this access to one of the most fit trainers in the industry came to fruition because of DAHlicious at the PERFORMIX House in NYC.

We were given a tour of the PERFORMIX House, a space meant for the elite in the fitness industry; influencers, celebrities, athletes, and those that make fitness a priority. Much like Soho House, the space is invite only (thanks again, DAHlicious!) and caters to a super exclusive fitness community. Everything is state of the art and even comes equipped with an infrared sauna and cryotherapy chamber.


Devon’s workout was an homage to his favorite exercises for lean and toned abs and legs. Our workout consisted of fatiguing the abs and thigh muscle groups with tons of planks (we did this the most!), push ups, wall sits, and jumping jacks. He also showed us some hybrid moves that I could not recreate if I tried! Devon did not take it easy on us, but by the time we were done he did say he was impressed and proud of our group, so I will take the pat on the back!

We ended our workout with a much needed shake from DAHlicious, which included pb&j and strawberry smoothie options, to help our bodies refuel and recover. What a great way to start the week!


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– Stephanie Carino

Photos provided by Jeremy Scott, Performix House

Performix House Workout with Devon Levesque and DAHlicious