Did you know that over 2 million people get married every year?

If one of those 2 million people is your best friend, or sister, or daughter, then you may have recently come upon the daunting task of throwing a bridal shower. On top of wondering where to throw it, whether to make it a surprise, and who to invite, you’ve also discovered another pressing question: what do you do at a bridal shower anyway? With all of the planning involved in a wedding-the catering, making the bridal invitation list, planning the flowers-a bride to be may well find that writing bridal shower invites and the shower itself are the most freedom and fun she will have in the days leading up to her wedding. For a fun shower, games that the bride and guest will enjoy are important, but they can be easy, too. For example, placing an envelope under one chair at random can be used to award prizes such as the table centerpiece. A frequently enjoyed variety of bridal shower games involves wordplay. A popular diversion is called “Finish the Phrase.” It uses well known terms, phrases, and sayings, sometimes something particularly appropriate to a wedding or to the party guests. One might start with “Too many cooks” and then wait for someone to respond “spoil the broth.” Give a prize to the person who wins the most rounds. When choosing wedding shower games, one should be keen to pick games that are all inclusive, that is games that include the whole group and whose focus is more on fun that individual talent. Games that require skill are not suitable. To make it an appropriate moment, you should choose either relationship building games or games of chance. All this however depend on the guests you anticipate. There are times when games of skill work best. There are several games that you may choose to entertain your guests. Some of these involve many people while others can played by relatively are smaller number.

One of these wedding shower games is the Toilet Paper Wedding Dress game. To play this game you should divide your guests in two teams. You may however do more teams than two depending on the number of your guests. Each team should have at least three people. Let each group choose a bride among of their own. The bride need not be a lady. Thereafter allocate time for each group to make a wedding dress for and on their chosen bride. This time should be approximately twenty minutes. Afterward, let the guests vote for the most creative, best and funniest dress. You may give prizes to the winners.

Another interesting and entertaining game among the many wedding shower games available is the Clothespin game. To play this game, you start by choosing a buzz word. This can be a word such as groom, maids, and wedding among others. As each guest enters the venue of the party make sure you hand him a clothespin. If any guest hears another mentioning the buzz word he or she should take that other guest’s clothespin. It could also be done in such a way that a guest losses his or her pin on crossing his or her legs. The second version of the game will of course see many ladies lose their pins because they are notorious for this.

Another game that could make the evening special is the Cotton Head game. For this game, choose a guest and make him or her sit in the middle of the room. Grant her a bowl full of balls made of cotton then blindfold him or her. The objective is make the guests pile as many balls on the blindfolded guest as possible. This should be done within the least time possible. It is recommended that a time frame of thirty seconds will make the game fun to play. The guest who piles most balls on the blindfolded guest emerges the winner and gets the prize.

Enjoy putting the bride-to-be on the spot with a round of “Do You Really Know Your Future Hubby?” Before the shower, ask the groom 15-20 questions. They can be simple ones that concern his food or sports preferences, or they can be risque ones like “What do you sleep in?” For each one she gets wrong, the bride-to-be must start chewing on another piece of gum. If she doesn’t know her guy well enough, she could end up with quite a mouthful!

Very famous bridal shower games are the clothes pin games. Everybody gets a few clothes pins and whenever a word is used that is often said a a bridal shower, such as wedding, bride or groom, a pin is removed from the lady who said the word to the one who caught her. Who has most pins at the end, wins.

If you have a very active group that knows most everyone else, then “Rate the Advice” may be a good choice. Have everyone anonymously write down advice about any aspect of the wedding, wedding night, or married life. Have everyone rank each piece of advice on a 1-10 scale, and tally them up. Awards could be given to both the highest ranked woman, and the lowest if you want to include more prizes.

Bridal shower games are meant to enhance the fun atmosphere of the shower. There are ice breaker games for the start of the shower so people can get to know one another. There are also closing games, such as recording advice for the future bride and groom. No matter how simple or complex, if the game makes people laugh and have fun, then it is a success.

Not to fear! Check out these 5 bridal shower games for inspiration to make your bride’s shower a success.

1. Recipe Contest

This game is not only fun, but can also be a big help to the bride!

Every guest brings their favorite dish to the party for the bride and other guests to sample. You can then either have the bride choose a favorite dish, or have guests vote on their favorite. The winner gets a prize, and the bride gets a fantastic recipe!

Of course, this activity requires a bit of advanced planning. You’ll want to include instructions on the bridal showers’ invitations so guests are prepared. You can even include a recipe card with the invitation for guests to write their recipe on.

2. Pin the Veil on the Bride

Think of it as the wedding version of “Pin the Tail on the Donkey.” This is a particularly good game if multiple guests will be bringing children with them. 

All you need is a few lacey pieces of fabric that look like a veil, and a picture of the bride. To prevent any nicked fingers, you can use some velcro pieces or double-sided tape instead of a pin.

3. Cocktail Competition

If you’re looking for an activity that’s a little more “grown up,” a cocktail competition can be the perfect solution.

For this activity, gather a variety of ingredients that would go into a cocktail. You can stick to classic ones like fruits and bitters, or get more adventurous with candies or hot peppers.

Then, have each guest take a shot at being a mixologist! The bride can then sample the drinks, and decide who has made the best concoction.

4. Who Am I?

This is a twist on a game you might know as “Celebrity.” Write items on index cards related to the bride. It can be details like her favorite music or food, where she met her partner, or what her wedding colors are.

Then, have guests tape the card to their foreheards, and walk around and talk to other guests. They will then have to ask the other guests questions that help them determine what their card says.

5. Wedding Pictionary

This is a good option if you want to have an activity at the party, but want something simple and easy to explain. It’s just like regular Pictionary, but all of the clues will be wedding themed!

Have a Blast With These Bridal Shower Games

With these bridal shower games, you’ll be sure to throw a party that both the bride and all her guests will enjoy.

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