Mueloliva tasting, photo by Socially Superlative (8) Mueloliva tasting, photo by Socially Superlative (5)

Mueloliva is more than just an award-winning international olive oil company with exceptional products: it is a family of hard workers who have been building a legacy through passion and integrity since 1942.

This summer the brand welcomed guests to the stunning Sousa House in the West Village for a premier olive oil tasting to learn how to differentiate the range of flavors and quality that extra virgin olive oil can possess.


The main star of the event was the “Venta del Barón,” which has now been positioned among the eight best EVOO (extra virgin olive oil) in the world with more than 100 accolades in 16 different countries.

The event, produced by Man-Laï Event Planning & Creative Marketing, was the perfect setting for the intimate gathering with music by Spanish Band PaperPlane filling the room.

Mueloliva tasting, photo by Socially Superlative (4) Mueloliva tasting, photo by Socially Superlative (6)

The family owned Mueloliva was founded by Mateo Muela Velasco and is based in the Subbética region of Córdoba, benefiting of the rich and fertile land. Sustainability is an important factor in the production and in 2010 the business began building new facilities based on green criteria and procedures.

Mueloliva Team

Speaking at the event was both Rafael Muela and Mateo Muela, who shared that they treat their olive oil as a fragile gift that must be pampered, and the flavor and aromas are hard to imagine. There is a complexity of olive oil and through it they showcase their family’s personality and hope to inspire people.

Guests were able to taste the “Venta del Barón” on bread as well as straight out of a dropper allowing the complex yet balanced flavor to penetrate the taste buds.

Mueloliva tasting, photo by Socially Superlative (9) Venta del Baron

In addition to the olive oil tasting, food using the product was served by Chef KPE with selections such as green tomato and olive oil whip gazpacho, jamón ibérico croquettes with Comté cheese, sliders with Manchego and chipotle glaze and liquid nitrogen olive oil ice-cream with olive oil powder. The signature drink of the evening was the green apple cotton candy cava cocktail served porch side.

– Lauren

Photos via Benvenuti PR for Mueloliva

An Evening with Mueloliva