Whether you’re someone who likes to keep things uncomplicated, or you just want to be frugal, there may be reasons why you want your wedding to be simple. While other brides want to splurge and put together a wedding that’s extravagant, you want to go a different route, and that’s ok! We’re here to help.

If you want to have a tastefully simple wedding ceremony, here are 7 decoration ideas that’ll make it picture perfect.

  1. String Lights

For sunset or nighttime weddings, adding some string lights can make all the difference, especially if you’re having the ceremony outdoors. By putting up some of these in strategic places, you can create some ambient lighting that’s very romantic and charming. Put up a few extra ones in the front so all eyes are on you after both you and your spouse have reached the altar.

The best thing about string lights is not only are they cheap, but they come in all different colors and designs. That way, you can choose ones that’ll follow the theme of your wedding. If you want to keep it real simple, then all you have to do is pick some up that are plain white!

  1. LED Candles

Add even more to the ambient lighting by putting LED candles at every table. String lights may add some brightness to the perimeter of your wedding site, but it may leave all the tables in the middle a bit dark.

You may want to get real candles for your guests, but there’s too much at stake with those. Not only are people clumsy, but if you’re serving alcohol at your ceremony, they may also have some accidents when they’re inebriated.

Play it safe by using LED candles instead. While the majority of them come in plain white, some manufacturers do make their LED candles in different colors and even some simple patterns, so you have some choices that you wouldn’t otherwise have with regular candles. Plus, since there are no real flames involved, you can add your personal touch to the candles by adding things like stickers and ribbons.

  1. Succulents

Succulents are hardy little plants that come in different varieties. Since they’re both affordable and won’t die easily, you can order some succulents in bulk, way before your wedding to get it out of the way.

On the day of your ceremony, you won’t have to worry about transporting fragile flowers. Instead, you can just stack the small pots of succulents on one another and they’ll survive the drive.

Place 1 or 2 pots at each table to add some greenery to your wedding. Afterward, let your guests take them home as a keepsake. No cleanup required!

  1. Bubbles

This is a fun idea where you can involve all your guests. Get some bubble bottles from the toy shop and strip off the label. You can either leave it bare or decorate it yourself to commemorate your special day.

Place a few bubble bottles at each table. Your guests can either blow it all at once (for instance, when you’re officially announced as a married couple) or they can take turns filling up the room with bubbles all throughout the night. Either way, it’s a fun and interesting “decoration” for your wedding.

  1. Fake Flower Petals

You may have rented a nice place for your ceremony, but maybe it’s not the most romantic setting. Don’t worry, you can kick things up a notch just by purchasing a bunch of fake flower petals!

Choose from plain white petals to colored ones with glitter or other decorations on them. You can then scatter these petals all across the tables, aisles, sidewalks; anywhere you want to add a touch of romance, just sprinkle a few petals and you’re ready to go.

  1. Make Use of Wood

Wood is a natural material that can add depth, dimension, and class to any event. Since Mother Nature creates every piece, that means you’ll always get unique things to work with.

If you’re having an outdoor wedding, like on a beach, you can lay down planks of wood to mark the aisle you’re going to be walking down. Not only will it keep people off of your area, but it’ll give you more stable ground to walk on; you won’t have to worry about tripping and falling in front of everyone.

  1. Balloons

When you take a look around your venue, does it seem like it may have too much space? A good idea would be to fill that empty space with balloons. These can add all sorts of depth to your space since you can fill half of them with helium so they float, and half with your breath so they lay on the floor.

Like with all the other things on this list, balloons can come in both plain colors and designs; some even have confetti in them. If any of your guests plan on bringing their children, this can be a fun distraction for them too.

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Have a Beautiful and Simple Wedding Ceremony to Remember

When you do it right, you can have a simple wedding ceremony that’s so beautiful that all your guests will remember it forever. Just because it’s lavish doesn’t mean it’ll provide the best experience for everyone involved.

So if you want an uncomplicated wedding ceremony, go for it. As you can see, there are still many ways to put your own personal touch on it, without it getting out of hand.

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