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  • Vision

Your vision is the most important thing where every wedding starts. Everybody imagines their wedding in a different way, so the first step would be to sit with your partner and discuss what kind of wedding would you like. The best way is to create a chart with a list of things that you would want to be sorted by need, so the first thing on your list will be something that is required for a wedding and as you go down put the things that are not that important and you can do it without them. You have to pay attention to your requirements and not go over your budget.

  • Keep Everything Organized

Your organization is key to any successful wedding plan. That is why it important that you have everything under control and pre-organized. It is a good way to go digital at this time and avoid writing on paper. Write any schedule for music appointments, food courses, budget, and costs.

  • Keep DIY Projects Low-Key

It is good to incorporate some ideas from Pinterest but it is necessary that you do not go over the top. All these extra preparations will only make things more confusing and the wedding will cost more money. Keep in mind the time, all these small projects that are unnecessary can also be time-consuming.

  • Do Not Go Over Your Budget

People at wedding preparations can sometimes get carried away by their mood and blow their budget. It is extremely recommendable that you avoid overspending on unnecessary items and stick to the budget plan that you created earlier.

  • Put Yourself in Your Guests Shoes

It is always good to imagine your wedding from a different perspective. Sometimes, couples are not focused on their guests which will ruin the whole mood of the wedding. That is why it is important to put yourself in their shoes and as questions like is the menu okay? Are they going to like the selected music? Where should they seat? Even though it is your wedding and you must do what you want, your guests will be large part of it so you have to consider their opinions if any.

  • Make Things Yourself

There are different things that you can make it on your own and avoid spending too much money. Things like invitations, candies or some decorations can be designed and produced by you. This might seem like a crazy idea since you have other responsibilities, but that is why you plan your wedding few months to a year before.

  • Think About The Weather

Weather is a point to take, either we are thinking about a concert, the Breeders Cup classic or your own wedding. The weather sometimes decides what kind of wedding will you have. So, it is necessary that you take things like location, cover from the rain, season into consideration. The last thing that you want it the weather ruining your big day.

  • Don’t Forget to Be Happy

The wedding planning process and the wedding itself can turn out to be a wild journey and you have to stay calm and avoid being overwhelmed by the stress. It is your big day that you came to celebrate with your friends and family so do not be nervous or stressed about small meaningless details that do not go according to plan.

These are some of the wedding planning tips that you can follow in order to have a perfect wedding. Even though the process of planning a wedding can be stressful, you should always remember to approach it in a positive way and do not make that big of a deal for every situation that does not go as planned. By following these tips, everything will be perfect for your big day.