For anyone that knows me, I’m a little bit of an adult summer camp fanatic. It started during my days working at LivingSocial, then continued during my time at WeWork, and the past couple of years it has been all about Wild Honey Pie and their Welcome Campers Memorial Day Camp, complete with under the radar music artists. That was until I was introduced to Club Getaway’s Camp for Adults and their larger than life approach to an experience you will never forget.

I went to Camp Getaway Camp for Adults because I was looking for a family summer camp to attend during Labor Day Weekend and was picked up from the city and brought on a coach bus to Kent, CT, not a far trek from Manhattan. Camp counselors got to know campers on the bus and acted as bartenders, passing out cocktails and snacks. Zac Cummo was our bus guide, keeping us in the loop of what to expect and cracking dad jokes along the way. The counselors created such an impression and genuine interest in campers having a good time that we’re now all Facebook friends!

club getaway 2

When we arrived, dinner was waiting for us and it reminded me of being in the cafeteria in high school where announcements occurred, only there was also music and dancing and an energy that prepared everyone for the night that was in store. We were treated to dueling pianos as entertainment and a late night dance party. From our first night we realized there would not be much sleeping for the weekend! During weekend if you are planing to travel then first check Travel related articles for more information.

The next day we battled terrible hangovers and had our choice of too many activities for the day. Anything and everything you could imagine was available! Waterskiing! Rock Climbing! Arts and Crafts! Waterfront tanning! I opted for a hike to Kent Falls and a tour of Litchfield Distillery. I mean, they even had activities off premises! There was definitely a bit of FOMO that kicked in as you couldn’t do every activity, but you definitely had an opportunity to choose your own adventure.


The meals were over the top too and really catered to have a little bit of something for everyone. Tables and tables of food for every occasion was at your fingertips. The drinks, should you have gotten the unlimited option, were even top notch with Moscow Mules, Bloody Mary’s, spiked seltzers and ciders all available for consumption. No wonder everyone was so elated! Happy Hours kicked off the themed parties with a Pirate-themed occasion and then nighttime activities for the evening continued with a spirit animal costume theme, live music, more dance parties and a talent show, which kept everyone out until the wee hours of the morning.


Sunday started Color Wars for those that stayed on site. Our group went on a hike of the Appalachian Trail, which made us feel accomplished for the day. We also went to the nearby Hopkins Vineyard for a wine tasting excursion offsite and came back just in time for the sports-themed happy hour and karaoke. Nighttime brought us back to college with a toga party and bonfire.

Monday rained and gave us time to reminisce over all of the craziness that had ensued over the past 72 hours with all the new friends we made. We continued the party at the bar and waited for the buses to take us home. This was definitely a trip we will never forget.

club getaway 4

This weekend is the last one left for Club Getaway Camp for Adults for their Fall Finale, cabins are limited, but if you want to get one more weekend of adult fun in, now’s the time to do it! Otherwise the season kicks off again in 2020. I will probably see you there!

Club Getaway
59S Kent Road
Kent, CT 06757

– Stephanie Carino

Pictures courtesy of Stephanie Carino and Club Getaway

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