If you are planning a winter vacation or weekend trip, there are plenty of thrilling options to choose from. The hardest part is picking where to go, but hopefully, this list can give you some inspiration:

Cozy Log Cabin

When you imagine winter, a cozy log cabin against the backdrop of snow is a picture-perfect vision that comes to mind. A winter retreat is a lovely, romantic option if you plan on vacationing with your significant other. Nothing beats the feeling of snuggling up under blankets by a roaring fire, with spirits in hand. You can also look for log cabin retreats that come with spa options. Saunas are a popular must-have in Nordic homes and once you’ve experienced on for yourself, you will see why. Whilst the snow is stunning and makes everything sparkle, the feeling of a hot sauna to relax in is great after being out and about in the cold. A log cabin retreat can be the perfect winter getaway for a romantic weekend, as well as a much-needed break from electronic devices. Pack some board games, movies, and some great food and drinks and you will be all set!

Ski Trip

If you are the adventurous type, how about a ski resort? Skiing, or snowboarding if you prefer, can be great fun, even for beginners. If keeping active is your thing then it will add more liveliness to your getaway, and it can be an exciting and challenging activity for thrill-seekers. Ski trips make great vacations for groups if you want to travel with friends or family, as well as an ideal couple trip. Renting a condo for large groups is easy through companies such as Wyndham, which offer great deals on ski vacation rentals in all of the most popular sites. Wyndham provides accommodations at a variety of ski resorts across North America, ranging from private mountain homes to large condos, and yes – they include private hot-tubs in their list of included amenities! Check out the options available to help plan your next ski-filled vacation.

Tropical Island 

If all the snow talk is making you shiver and you’d much prefer to be sunbathing, an island resort might be more up your alley. Not everyone can handle the snow and cold weather, which is why destination holidays on sunny, tropical islands are such a popular choice for a winter getaway. There is no shame in booking flights to a tropical island if the sunshine is more your thing, just make sure to pack the sun lotion too. Enjoying your Christmas, lying on a beach with the ocean glistening in your view sounds like paradise to some, and it’s even better with a cocktail in hand. If that all sounds like your thing, be sure to check with your families to make Christmas arrangements first, as not all your relatives will appreciate being ditched at Christmas!

Shopping in the City

Winter is the perfect season for shopping, with festive sales on and Christmas shopping to be done, a trip to NYC could be perfect. If you don’t mind crowds and enjoy browsing through store after store, a shopping trip might be your dream getaway. There will, of course, be the festive Christmas markets to look out for, which are always enjoyable to look around and put you in the festive mood. Choose wisely who you invite, as not everyone can handle the shopping experience. You will have to time your trip well, as certain events are on as well as seasonal sales, so travel could get more expensive or extra busy. It is magical to see the city lit up with lights and if you prepare yourself a shopping list, you can get your gift shopping done all in one weekend. 

Enjoy the Season

Winter is a lovely season for pretty views, it is also a great time to check out places you might not have bothered with in the summer season when prices are higher. The winter weather adds lots of charm, making just about anywhere a nice place to be. Going to a small resort town and enjoying the festive events, local markets and taking a stroll through pretty parks can all be great fun. You should also check out your local area to see in anything takes your interest. Winter is the season of festivities, so whether you’d prefer to spend your time enjoying the stunning views from the mountain top or strolling through mountain villages and appreciating their decorations, you should take your time to take it all in.

There is lots to do close to home, or on a different continent if that’s what you prefer, so you certainly have lots of great getaway options to choose from. Wherever you decide to go, you are sure to have a fabulous time. Happy Holidays!