They say “diamonds are a girl’s best friend” but do you know where do diamonds come from? The beauty a diamond has is incredible and its history is pretty interesting as well. This is such a fascinating gemstone that the Romans and Ancient Greeks believed that it was from a falling star or tears of the Gods.

Keep reading to learn more about this precious gemstone.

Where Do Diamonds Come From?

What scientists have found is that diamonds are formed deep in the earth. About 100 miles below the surface in the upper mantle to be exact. With the extreme pressure and the extreme heat combination, it made the perfect atmosphere for pure carbon to turn into colorless diamond crystals.  

Diamonds are the only gemstone that are made of only one element, which is carbon. Scientists say that there was volcanic activity that brought diamonds closer to the earths’ surface and then kimberlite pipes (volcanic pipes) pushed the diamonds up to the surface. What they have found is that diamonds are in areas that have had volcanic activity in the past.

Alluvial Mining

At first, geologists did not discover diamonds that were pushed through the kimberlite pipes. They first discovered diamonds through what is referred to as alluvial mining. This is when the kimberlite pipe that reached the earth’s surface was eroded with nature, such as, wind, streams, rivers, and rain. 

Because of the erosion, the diamonds that the kimberlite pipes have, are carried downstream into riverbanks, oceans, or streams. Geologists discovered the kimberlite pipes when they followed the trail of the source and then bumped into deposits of even bigger diamonds on the kimberlite pipes. 


As we mentioned earlier diamonds are the only gemstone made from only 1 element known as carbon. Carbon atoms bond together to start growing crystals whenever the atoms are exposed to extreme conditions. 

With the extreme conditions, the carbon atoms are bonded to four other carbon atoms. If you have ever wondered why a diamond is such a hard material, it’s because each carbon atom has four of these strong bonds form between each carbon atom creating the hard diamond material we are familiar with.

To put this process of carbon atoms attaching into place over and over – it takes billions upon billions of carbon atoms locking into place to form a one-carat diamond. Although geologists have attempted to figure out how long it takes to form a diamond they are still not completely sure. At this point, it’s anyone’s guess of how long they take to form, it can be days, months, weeks, or years. 

Feeling Like a Diamond Pro?

Now that you have learned the answer to the question “where do diamonds come from” you can impress your friends with your precious gemstone knowledge. Diamonds are rare and unique just like the way they are formed. 

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