Red Gate Bakery, photo by Socially Superlative (10)

Happy New Year! I'm so glad I don't have to say it anymore. Not that I'm a grouchy grinch (I kinda am), but every year I dread what comes immediately after Halloween until January brings my sanity back. According to Strava, roughly 80% of us who make New Year's resolutions last until the 12th. Now that January 12th has come-and-gone we can finally get back to our old habits, and I didn't last that long anyway. Cookies and cake to me are like kryptonite to the Man in Steel.

Red Gate Bakery, photo by Socially Superlative (1)

Red Gate Bakery, a new addition to the East Village, doesn't make it any easier. They opened just over a month ago on East 1st Street near 1st Avenue at the former home of Tuck Shop, the Australian street pie place.

Red Gate Bakery, photo by Socially Superlative (9)

My friend and I paid Red Gate Bakery a visit the other day for a delicious after-dinner snack. We started with their house-made Oreo cookies. These ain't Nabisco ladies and gentlemen. These are handmade with love and taste so good that you don't even need milk. Really. No need to dunk them. Gotta taste em to believe it. They're so good that his friends years ago told him to go into business and open a bakery. He listened and here we are today.

Red Gate Bakery, photo by Socially Superlative (6)

Next up we tried the Cannibal Cookies. No, they aren't made from that guy you sat next to yesterday on the subway. They are caramelized sugar cookies packed with house-made Oreos - hence cannibalized with oreos. Again, quite delicious. To follow we split a Brown Butter Blondie. Truth be told I ate most of it since it was so darn good.

Red Gate Bakery, photo by Socially Superlative (2)

Last up was a big piece of Vanilla Bean Strawberry Dream Cake. Absolutely heavenly. Everything was excellent.

Red Gate Bakery, photo by Socially Superlative (3)

We were also able to meet the owners Greg Rales, formerly of Flour Shop, and Patricia Howard, formerly of The Beatrice Inn. Greg is the Head Baker. His humble beginnings were as a simple wholesale business out of his home, but quickly gained a cult following and outgrew his kitchen.

Red Gate Bakery, photo by Socially Superlative (7)

He brought his longtime college friend Patricia into the business as his Director of Operations and Red Gate Bakery was born on December 19th, 2019. Both really warm and friendly, we enjoyed meeting them and visiting their new bakery - and we know you will too!

- Michael Riegelman

Red Gate Bakery
68 East 1st Street
btw. 1st & 2nd Avenues
Instagram: @redgatebakery

Hours of Operation:
Wednesday through Saturday: 11:00 AM to 7:00 PM
Sunday: 12:00 PM to 5:00 PM
Monday & Tuesday: Closed

Photos by Socially Superlative

Red Gate Bakery in the East Village