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Looking to upgrade your Starbucks experience? Then you should try the new Starbucks Reserve Roastery in Chelsea. Opened in late December 2018, this 3-story coffee haven is a sight to see.

To start, it does not have the look or feel of a typical Starbucks. Instead they have created a space with a Main bar, an Experience bar, the Arriviamo bar, Princi Bakery, Scooping Bar, as well as handpicked products for purchase.

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The main bar has your typical Starbucks drinks but also some specialty drinks as well. The experience bar located downstairs, where a barista will prepare your coffee in a unique way through the siphon method. If you head upstairs you will experience a cocktail bar feel that has inspired cocktails and coffee creations, almost all drinks incorporate coffee.

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Not looking for a drink but rather a sweet treat or artisanal pizza to soak up that cocktail? Then head over to the Princi bakery which has many yummy eats. Looking to take some coffee beans home? Find your Coffee Master at the scooping bar which has many options. In addition to all those great things you can actually watch them turn the beans in the roasting area.

In all honesty this did not feel like a Starbucks but instead an experience. They had so much more then just coffee or your basic esspresso drink. If you haven’t been there yet I would say it is definitely something to check out. 

– Lindsay Appelman

Photos and article: @lindsayappelman

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