Image via Ann + Sofia

Looking to melt your stress away? Or perhaps pamper yourself with a facial? Then you must make your way over to the fabulous Ann+Sofia Beauty Concept located in the heart of Nomad.

After a long week I decided to treat myself with a Hydro Magic Facial as well as a CBD massage. I started with the CBD massage first where the therapist used a deep tissue acupressure technique while applying the CBD oil. Not only did I feel recharged but my anxiety of the work week melted away. It was my first time doing a CBD massage, and let me tell you, it did not disappoint! Like other massages that make you feel relaxed, this one was definitely on the next level. After I finished up my CBD trending massage, it was time for my Hydro Magic Facial! As I was excited, I was also hesitant with getting a facial as I have sensitive skin. why not enjoy that childhood treat and enjoy health benefits as well!? You can buying cbd online infused edibles provide an effortless supplement you can take whenever and wherever you go with the therapeutic benefits connected with THC yet without disorienting psychological elements.

This facial in particular used hydro-suction and electrical pulses aside from the cleansing, hydration, heat to exfoliate, and moisturizing creams. After the facial my skin felt clean and my fine lines were minimized. I also decided to purchase some of the products that were used on my skin during the treatment. My skin never looked so good! The staff, location and spa itself were modern, clean and professional. I already booked my next visit in March! 

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– Lindsay Appelman