Last week I attended a transformational workshop titled, “Understanding the Science of Attraction and Your Brain on Love“.  Hosted at Alchemist Kitchen, this venue located on Bowery has a botanical dispensary which offers an elixir cafe, herbal station as well as wellness workshops.

Amy Chan, the author of “Breakup Bootcamp: The Science of Rewiring Your Heart”, focused on a few key things to help the audience understand the science and psychology of love and how this will help make better decisions in the future towards any partner.

Amy Chan at Alchemist Kitchen

Some key points she hit on included the patterns of attractions, the psychology of power dynamics, as well as how to increase your own personal magnetism. In this workshop we learned as a person what type of primary attachment style does one have; This can include secure, avoidant and anxious. As we understand what style we have, as well as the attachment of our partner, we ultimately become more conscious, in turn communicating better and recognizing what you need or what your partners needs are.

In love we go through a cycle of Lust, Attraction and then Attachment. The Journey of love may be making meaning from pain and when investing in someone you need to check your list of what you need as a person. One big takeaway from this workshop was to understand what you need in the relationship and not to loose or edit too much of yourself as in the end you are the only one that will get hurt.

Amy Chan at Alchemist Kitchen 2

Just because you missed out on this workshop doesn’t mean you can’t dive into her online content! Amy Chan has her own online magazine that focuses on the psychology behind love, lust and desire. Check it out here at: 

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– Lindsay Appelman