Nearly 90 percent of singles will follow up with someone after a good first date. But if you’ve been facing an endless stream of first dates, that figure may feel far too elusive.

Sick of looking forward to a first date, only to have it flop? Keep reading. Here is the essential guide you need to master your next meet-up so that he — or you — will want to follow up for a second one.

1. Give Yourself a Boost of Confidence

Long before you arrive at the restaurant or coffee shop and sit down for your next first date, do yourself a favor and give yourself an extra boost of confidence. How, you ask? With the perfect outfit.

While most women choose their date-night outfits based on what they think might impress the person across the table, it’s far more important to choose what you like. The right outfit will make you feel great in your own skin, which, in turn, will give you the confidence you need to calm your nerves and master your next date.

The right outfit is not just one that fits great but also suits your personality. Wearing something you wouldn’t normally pick out of your closet will only leave you feeling uncomfortable and distracted. Moreover, an outfit that fits your personality will be easy to wear and easier to forget you have on, so you can instead focus on conversation and enjoy yourself.

For instance, you can’t go wrong with a little black dress. Dress it up for a nice restaurant or down for that coffee date. Plus, you can accessorize it to fit your style personality. Choose a fit that flatters and that you like, and you’ll feel sexy, confident and ready for your date.

2. Get in the Right Mindset

In addition to choosing the right outfit, you should also prep for your date with a little pep talk; after all, the last thing you want is to is spend the hours leading up to your date worrying about it. Instead, rethink your self-talk. Get positive; remind yourself that your date is probably nervous as well. Think about all the things that make you a great catch, like your humor, compassion and intelligence, and arrive for your date feeling confident instead of nervous and that feeling of aplomb will carry through.

3. Keep the Conversation Flowing

Gaps in conversation during a date lead to nerves and awkward silence. Keep these at bay by being prepared with some friendly conversation topics. Rather than chatting about the weather, ask a few probing questions. Experts have done the hard work for you by creating a list of questions that are guaranteed to help you learn more about someone and connect on a deeper level. Memorize a few that interest you, or maybe save them to your phone so you can take a quick peek if the conversation starts to fall off.

4. Watch Your Body Language

Even if your outfit screams confidence and your self-talk has left you feeling ready, your body language could be telling a whole different story. Many people are unaware of the importance of the little messages we send with our bodies and movements. Not buying it? Well, those crossed arms could let your date know you don’t care about the TV show they’re going on about. And, if your feet are pointed to the door, that can indicate you’re ready to run. Make sure you understand some good first-date body language ahead of time and be mindful of these mannerisms on your date.

Nailing Your Next First Date

With the right outfit, some healthy self-talk, plenty of conversation topics and the right body language, you can finally break free of that bad first-date cycle and land yourself a second one. Or, at the very least, enjoy that first date and say goodbye without any regrets. However you decide to play things, just make sure you’re ready for the next first date that comes your way with confidence and ease.