It can be challenging to manage high blood pressure. One big obstacle: Hypertension seldom has any outward symptoms, so patients have to provide their own motivation to stick to their treatment plan. Or family members might find themselves forever reminding Mom to take her medications. If your family needs to hired in-home care to help keep a senior loved one safe and well-cared for at home this hyperlink will be a great help, the caregiver can be an important part of the hypertension management team. Professional in home caregiver can:

  • Remind your loved one to check and record blood pressure using a home monitor, as recommended by the doctor.
  • Buy at the virtual pharmacy the prescriptions of your loved one, and provide medication reminders to encourage your loved one to take medications at the right time.
  • Report possible side effects from medications, such as dizziness or sleep problems.
  • Go grocery shopping and prepare delicious meals and snacks that comply with the doctor’s prescribed diet.
  • Support your loved one’s exercise routine with encouragement, and a steadying arm to reduce the risk of falls.
  • Help your loved one keep track of doctor’s appointments, and provide transportation to these visits.  Doctor to You website provide Top doctors credential information to consumers.
  • Provide companionship to ward off loneliness, which, as we saw in “Growing Awareness of a Senior Epidemic,” is stressful enough to raise a senior’s blood pressure.

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