Most people around the world enjoy a fun night out every once in a while unless you are a ‘nocturnal’ party animal who is out every night, so getting into a fancy nightclub is quite the thrill. However, some nightclubs are so expensive, and sometimes exclusive, that they are out of reach to the common folk.

The biggest cities across the world are home to some of these ridiculously lavish nightclubs whose price tags are a reserve of the crème of the crop (think celebrities, tech millionaires, business people, billionaire heirs, etc., you get the picture). Hefty entrance fees, expensive drinks, celebrity DJs, lavish designs, and top-notch staff characterize them.

Below are some of the top nightlife destinations you will probably never get into or afford. Just kidding, never say never.

VIP Room, Dubai

If you are hitting up Dubai’s nightlife, then it means you crave a high-end and luxurious lifestyle, so the VIP Room will not disappoint. The nightclub gained a global reputation for its snootiness after the founder built it specifically for a high-end clientele. Among its guest list includes Madonna, Johnny Depp, and Kanye West. The VIP Room offers everything from a rotating DJ booth to an upscale private room for wild parties.

OMNIA Nightclub, Brisbane

OMNIA Nightclub, arguably one of the most exclusive places for partying in the world with the hottest male strippers in Brisbane. High stakes players out for a night of fun frequent the club before and after their cashouts.

When the OMNIA opened its doors, it immediately gave Hakkasan some competition, and for a good reason. First, the club is enormous and luxurious. Apart from the usual VIP experience, high entrance fees, and expensive drinks, it features a three-level venue covering a massive 75,000 square feet. It also has an opulent ceiling with a high-tech chandelier that resembles a UFO and brings the place to life as it moves with the music. It also has a veranda for those feeling romantic and intimate.

Hakkasan, Las Vegas

Lottoland lists some of the world’s most luxurious clubs and features Hakkasan, so you know it’s a top contender on this list. Sin City is popular with people looking to throw caution to the wind when it comes to their money, and they can do it at the Hakkasan. The price tag of the club’s top-shelf champagne is a whopping half a million US dollars.

Top of the Standard, New York

Everyone loves the Big Apple – New York City. It has the glitz, the glam, the sophisticated party scene, and the extravagant nightlife. The Top of the Standard, just as the name suggests, is popular among the elite in the NYC party circuit.

So if you are itching to use up your money in a matter of hours, then head to the nightclub before 11 p.m. Otherwise, you can kiss the entrance goodbye. If you know, you know.

Privilege, Ibiza

If partying is your thing, Ibiza must be on your bucket list. If you happen to go to Ibiza, Spain, then you will probably hear of the Privilege nightclub. It is so massive that it puts most of the other spots on this list to shame. It holds the Guinness Book of Records place for the world’s largest nightclub. But that’s not why it’s on this list; it’s the hefty price tag on a water bottle.

LIV Club, Miami

Miami, FL, is home to elegant restaurants, dazzling beaches, temperate weather, and the LIV Club – one of the globe’s most expensive nightclubs. The LIV Club has an impressive 30,000 square-feet floor area, and despite its hefty entry fee, it still attracts revelers to the ledge.

La Fira Club, Barcelona

The La Fira Club in Barcelona, Spain, is unusual in that the rich and famous flock it to experience a mix of the old-school vibe with a modern feel.

The venue has a blend of antiques and modern, edgy commercial hospitality furniture. Also, mirrors stack its walls to ensure a wild night of dancing. Other notable entries worth mentioning include Halikarnas Club, Turkey; Chlosterli Club, Switzerland; Pangea Club, Singapore; Le Baron, Paris; Adagio, Berlin; and Club Aquarium, UK.

So there you have it, where do you want to go first?