While the DC Comics superhero Stargirl has been growing in popularity thanks to its exciting and well-written storylines, fans are increasingly intrigued by her cosmic staff, the unique superhero weapon that she uses to perform all kinds of good deeds. For many teenagers, the cosmic staff has important lessons for their own lives.

Who Wouldn’t Want A Cosmic Staff?

Stargirl’s Cosmic Staff gives her multiple powers including:

·       Levitating and manipulating objects

·       Creating force fields for defense

·       Flying rapidly

·       Controlling energy movement

·       Creating powerful energy blasts

The cosmic staff also receives mental commands from a distance after it attunes to the one who wields it.

Stargirl: A Quick Review

Stargirl has quickly become a popular DC Comics character, and now has her own television series produced by original creator Geoff Johns.

After premiering on DC Universe and airing on The CW Network the following day, the series will air on The CW for its second season.

Stargirl is Courtney Whitmore, a teen dealing with challenging issues like a stepfather with a surprising past, moving to a small town, and dealing with all kinds of complicated relationships—including a new friend with retractable, claw-like fingernails!

When duty calls, however, Courtney dons her superhero outfit and takes up the cosmic staff. That’s when many fans begin to realize that her super powers are actually symbolic of challenges they encounter in their own lives.

Breaking Down Barriers

Granted, ordinary humans can’t fly. But when Stargirl uses the cosmic staff to soar up into the air and solve seemingly insurmountable problems, fans begin to see their own problems in a different light. “Sure, I can’t fly. But just maybe I can do something to solve this or that issue in my life.” It’s a glimmer of hope that can grow and grow.

Taking Personal Responsibility

Those who imagine themselves to be powerless are usually rendered as such. Those who take action to alter circumstances, on the other hand, can make positive changes. The cosmic staff enables its holder to manipulate energy and move objects at will, and for teens, becomes a symbol for taking personal responsibility to manage surroundings and circumstances.

In life, of course, each of us controls our own choices and actions. But when we recognize that our ideas and thoughts determine our actions, change is possible.

Using Abilities Wisely

To best utilize your abilities, you need to know when and how to use them.

In the case of the cosmic staff, Stargirl has access to powerful bursts of energy to protect herself and others from attackers. She uses this special energy carefully. The weight of the energy is focused and targeted like a laser beam.

Likewise, your personal strengths should be managed well so that you bring them out when they are most needed. When situations call for your unique abilities, be they musical talents, organizational skills or even just the ability to comfort a friend, you can make a positive difference.

The lesson of the cosmic staff, therefore, is that everyone has his or her own special powers. Inside you is a wellspring of strength and ability you can call upon whenever necessary. You may not be able to fly, but you can achieve a better life no matter who you are or where you are.

It’s like having our personal version of the cosmic staff. And that’s pretty super, wouldn’t you say?