Not many will live in NYC their entire lives. As people get older, rents increase, and generally, the hustle and bustle of the city loses its charm, many look to other areas to finally settle down in. No matter why you’re moving out of the Big Apple, you need to make the most of your new adventure. You need to find the perfect property, make the whole move as stress-free as possible, and start building up a new community of friends and loved ones. With these tips, you’ll be able to do it all:

Go Through and Declutter Before Packing

A big move is a perfect opportunity to really go through what you have and declutter. It doesn’t matter if you are moving from a small NYC apartment to a beautiful and large Tampa Bay home. Just because you’ll have space for the things you don’t like or need doesn’t mean you shouldn’t chuck them while you have this opportunity.

Things you should consider getting rid of include:

  • Items you never use and don’t care about
  • Broken, stained, or damaged items that are too much of a bother to fix
  • Items you are only keeping out of obligation
  • Items you need, but don’t like and feel like you are just making do with

When you move into a home that is yours, you need to stop thinking of things in temporary terms and start investing. If an item doesn’t feel like an investment, consider upgrading after you have moved.

Tips for Smart Packing

At this stage, you should have only what you intend to bring with you, but actually, packing is a complex matter. You don’t want to overload one box with too many heavy items, and similarly, you need to properly package items, so they don’t break in transit.

A smart, effective packing system needs to be custom to you and what you have. Just remember:

  • Distribute weight
  • Wrap up delicate objects
  • Reduce jostling
  • Make a note of what is in each box
  • Dismantle furniture as much as possible
  • Use a storage units in Boise

It’s rare that the move-out date and the move-in date line up perfectly, which is why storage units can be your secret weapon. You can easily take advantage of affordable Tampa self-storage units moving from NYC to either house all of your belongings until your new Floridian home is ready for you to move into. Not only does this let you to store your belongings somewhere safe until you’re ready, but you can also take a huge chunk of the stress out of moving by spreading out the move between several trips.