Back in the day when you wanted to promote yourself, you’d get chatting to someone at a party, play an open mic night, or even put on your own event. Nowadays, and especially during the current pandemic, more and more people are finding it easier to boost their popularity over the internet. Here are three top ways you can boost your online appeal.

Search engine optimization

One of the most common ways for someone to find you online is via a search engine. If you have a unique name, for example, the actress Sofia Vegara, then you might be easy to find. If you have a more common name, it’s important you make sure you’re easy to find amongst all the other people with the same name. If people don’t know your name, it’s also important that people can find you by searching a few key terms. These could be anything from “New York Photographer” to “Broadway Actress.

To make sure people can find you, you need to improve your search engine optimization, also known as SEO. This is the process that makes you appear higher than any other “New York Photographer,” but also makes sure you don’t appear in searches for other states or other professions. This can be a hugely confusing process. If you haven’t studied SEO, it can be almost impossible to understand how to persuade the algorithms to put you high up on that results page. Luckily there are agencies like Click Intelligence that have been trusted by brands big and small to do the job for them. Their team will take care of the whole process to maximize your brand’s online exposure and allow you to flourish in an extremely competitive marketplace.

Get on social media

If you’re looking to meet new people, the best way to showcase your talent remotely to a wide audience is on social media. Whether you’re a comedy writer posting humorous tweets or a singer posting performances on Instagram, if what you’re posting is entertaining, then people will want to follow you for more.

The only way to get yourself seen by people who aren’t already following you is to persuade other people to like, retweet, or share what you’ve posted. While this can happen spontaneously if someone enjoys the content so much that they want to share it with the rest of their followers, there are other ways you can persuade people to share your content. Try running competitions or even collaborating with other people, for instance! People love to interact on social media – it is one of the reasons it is so popular.

Get the best content on your social media

Once you’ve got people following, you want to keep them following. Don’t post too much. Only post your funniest jokes, your best performances, or your most impressive tutorials. Also, make sure every image or video is of high quality. Either invest in highquality equipment or explore how to use your smartphone to make sure any videos have the best audio and video quality.