Let’s face it: when parents and kids are home in quarantine, life gets a little more complicated. But, it doesn’t have to become chaotic. Here are some tips on how to use the time to help your kids cope with the upheaval:

Daily Routine

If bedtime is usually at 9:00 p.m., keep bedtime at 9:00 p.m. It’s easy to let kids stay up way past their bedtimes, but a lack of sleep will make them emotionally less able to handle their day. Also consider the other routines in your home. Set up specific time for school work and for play. If you have dinner at a specific time or you always read a book aloud before bed, maintain those routines so your child knows what to expect. 

It helps to set aside a specific area for school. Whether your son or daughter has a desk in their room or uses the kitchen table, the simple act of sitting in the same place serves as a signal that it’s time to focus and complete tasks. Set up a family calendar with due dates and your own meetings or client calls so everyone can stay on the same page.

Kids need a sense of normalcy, especially now. Reading, coloring, or even just listening to music can help your child relax and self soothe without parental intervention. If your family feels too close together, let your child make a fort with available materials. Use pillows and blankets for endless combinations to create a safe space that’s all their own. 

Upgrade Activities

Online learning, socially-distanced face-to-face videos with friends, and streaming content takes a toll on Internet speed. Add in a child video game player and connections can nosedive — leading to more stress. Make changes right from the start by optimizing your router for gaming.

Other household devices might be streaming content or downloading files at the same time your gamer wants to play. Those activities can cause noticeable lag; however, switching to a gaming router prioritizes the gaming connection so your child’s gaming won’t suffer. 

A gaming router should have a high-bandwidth range. Faster speeds mean a reduction in loading times, so your child can spend more time gaming, and less time sitting and waiting to play. Bypass the WiFi, and use an ethernet cord for gaming to ensure the fastest connection. Dual or Tri-band routers offer up different speeds, so you can divide up what device should pair with which band for more bandwidth. 

Discover the best router for gaming with Cox Elite Gaming. Receive support for today’s hottest games, whether it’s a classic multiplayer or AAA games. Cox Elite Gaming reduces latency and with real-time connection quality, you can see how your speed soars. What’s more, you can check out the details from your child’s last gaming session to see how long your child actually played (and if it matches your family’s gaming rules). 

Quarantine Parenting

Parenting anytime isn’t easy. But, with the tips above, both you and your kids can walk away from quarantine with a little less stress and plenty of good memories. Stick to your schedule, provide kids with a quiet place to rest, and opt for a gaming router to up your connection for a quarantine that’s anything but boring.