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Looking to get out of the city and embrace your halloween spirit? Look no further, The Great Jack O’Lantern Blaze has you covered. Since 2005 this has been an attraction in Westchester, NY integrating thousands of hand-carved jack o’lanterns. This year they have expanded with a second location in Long Island at Old Bethpage Village Restoration.

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This walk-through exhibit kicked off on Friday, October 2nd and is on display until Sunday, November 1st. While this event pays tribute to Halloween and Sleepy Hollow Country, the Blaze transcends its Halloween roots and is now a classic fall festival.

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The display in Long Island has over 7,000 hand-carved pumpkins that illuminate the grounds. Believe it or not, the carrving of the art pumpkins began in June. The real pumpkins are carved throughout the run of Blaze as many of the pumpkins must be replaced during the duration of the event. 

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This pumpkin path has larger-than-life displays, with synchronized lighting and music. These intricate carved pumpkins form various sculptures dazzle on-goers. I would suggest purchasing tickets after sundown to ensure the best visibility for the displays. Some installations are similar to ones in the Westchester location, but ones at the Long Island location incorporate local history and this is showcased through the pumpkin designs. 

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Fun fact! Wondering why we call them Jack O’Lanterns? An ancient Irish legend holds that a man named Jack (or in some versions, “Stingy Jack”), too sinful to be admitted to heaven, was also denied entrance to hell. In turn he carved a turnip, lit it with a candle, and wandered the earth for a resting place, hence the name “Jack O’ Lantern.”  

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Photos & Write up by: @lindsayappelman

The Great Jack O'Lantern Blaze