On Friday October 23, star ramen chef Shigetoshi Nakamura will be serving his signature ramens at Good Enough To Eat, 520 Columbus Avenue @85 Street, goodenoughtoeat.com, 212-496-0163, starting at 6 pm until the noodles run out.

Only 100 portions will be available divided amongst three ramen dishes: Torigara Chicken ($17), Tontoro Creamy Pork ($19.50), and Spicy Vegan Sesame Miso ($19). Extra topping of Ni-Tamago Egg ($2) and a selection of Good Enough To Eat appetizers will also be available.

This marks Nakamura’s debut on the upper west side of Manhattan, and the first in a series of pop-ups being planned at Good Enough To Eat, showcasing comfort foods from around the world. This is the first time in the restaurant’s 30+ year history it is serving something other than the farm-fresh American cuisine it is famous for.  First come, first serve, no take-out or delivery.