You’ve written a resume that clearly impressed somebody as you’ve been invited for a job interview. But what will you wear to make a good impression on your interviewer? After all, a job interview is one of the rare situations where it’s okay to be judged and there are rarely any other situations where you are going to have your past, present and future on display. What you are wearing is likely going to make up a huge amount of the first impression that is formed of you, so it’s important to put together an outfit that has the right impact. 

Check Out the Office Dress Code

First of all, it’s a wise idea to find out what your future colleagues are wearing. It would be a mistake to turn up in a casual outfit to a workplace where everybody else wears a suit, and you’ll feel out of place wearing a stiff suit to a casual office. Check out the employer’s website, social media pages or the LinkedIn profile to see if you can find out what people are wearing. Better yet, go and look at the office around lunchtime and see if you can get a glimpse of what people are wearing when they come out for lunch, and base your outfit on this. After all, your main goal is to make it easy for your interviewer to imagine you working there. 

Opt for Smart Shoes

Even if the office you’re going to be interviewing for a job at has quite a casual approach to what they wear, wearing smart shoes for the interview is essential. You can always wear sneakers later on if you get the job. Check out the Versace collection online, where you can find some stunning loafers that are the perfect choice for a smart-casual outfit. Don’t forget that your shoes are the fashion item that tends to say the most about you, so spend some time picking out the right footwear. The FW20 collection from Versace offers a wide range of footwear styles that can be found at reputable online designer fashion outlets. 

Subtly Stand Out

If you’re going to be participating in a group interview, then it’s a good idea to choose a fashion item or accessory that makes you stand out but in a subtle way. Something like a brightly colored tie or a shirt that’s a little different from the norm can help you get noticed for the right reasons and set yourself apart from the crowd, making you easier to remember as ‘the guy with the red tie’, for example. However, this is only going to work in your favor if your performance matches your appearance – you don’t want to be the guy in the red tie who was terrible. 

When it comes to planning your outfit for a job interview, a little bit of forwards preparation can go a long way. Picking an outfit that fits in with the workplace you are interviewing for, along with choosing strategic items to help you stand out, will make it easier for you to make the right first impression.