Some men in your family or your significant other may seem kind of hard to shop for. When you’re tackling your holiday shopping this year, consider some items that have real utility. Here are three great gift ideas that are bound to be much appreciated.

1. Stainless Steel Drinkware

Once people realize the awesome cold-preserving power of a stainless steel tumbler or thermos, they’ll never go back to plastic again. A stainless steel beverage container can keep ice in a drink all day long, and it can keep a hot drink such as tea or coffee warm for anywhere from 6-12 hours. You can consider a couple of large containers to use at home, or you can get a thermos or water bottle that would be great to take to work or the gym.

2. Comfortable Underwear

It’s not just women who have to suffer from poorly designed and constricting underwear. A lot of men complain that they simply can’t find a comfortable fit, and the emerging trend of more tightly fit pants in recent years have made uncomfortable underwear feel even more cumbersome. Get some super soft and supportive mens pouch underwear. It offers a little more room than other types of underwear while still providing excellent support. You can pick out a plain style or choose a fun pattern.

3. Slippers

A lot of men tend to pad around the house barefoot in socks. Once they have a comfortable pair of slippers, they’ll wonder how they ever managed to get by without them. Slippers offer fantastic support for your feet on a hard surface, and they make your feet feel extra cozy during cold winter months.

It’s great to surprise someone with a gift that they can get a lot of use out of. Every time that they use your gift, they’ll be reminded of just how smart and thoughtful you are!