Restaurant owners across the globe are having to keep up with changing Coronavirus mandates. From canceling indoor dining to restricting the number of people in the cafe or bar, the face of hospitality is changing thanks to COVID-19. In fact, many restaurant owners have had to revamp their restaurants to offer outdoor dining, not a small expense. People have had to get creative to stay in business and thanks to the products out there, hospitality owners can stay in business. Read on to learn about some of the essential products hospitality owners are purchasing to make their businesses thrive during the pandemic and how dining as we know it has changed. 

1. Dividers and Partitions

When you go to a restaurant today, chances are you’ll see a divider or two. While many bars and restaurants are operating at half the capacity to keep tables empty in between customers, other restaurants are placing dividers between booths and partitions between tables to allow for more people to serve. When it comes to sitting at the bar, people are typically clustering their bar stools together in groups with plenty of space in between groups.

2. Outdoor Furniture

Since the virus doesn’t spread as effectively outdoors, many restaurants are bringing dining inside to dining outside. Some have even installed overhead heaters to keep patrons warm. With this new mandate sweeping most of the country, restaurants and cafes have had to purchase outdoor furniture to stay open: tables, bar chairs, umbrellas, and more. 

3. Less Contact

Restaurants, bars, and cafes are also practicing less contact. That means they’re using disposable menus or having people order on an app. They’re spacing guests out accordingly and offering hand sanitizer. When you are not eating, you should be wearing a mask, especially if you get up to use the restroom. By following these guidelines, we’ll all take part in stopping the spread of COVID-19 and keep restaurants open.

4. Take-Out

Many restaurants are also depending on take-out to stay open. More and more people are opting to stay in than dine out during the pandemic so restaurants have been focusing on offering take-out.

Hospitality owners have had to be creative to keep business up during the pandemic. Fortunately, there are products they can purchase to help comply with the government and the CDC as well as change the way we look at dining during a global pandemic.