Did you know that wedding planning can be stressful? If you want to learn wedding budget planning tips, we can help.

In this guide, we’ll go over how to create a wedding budget.

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Create a Small Guestlist

You might feel like adding everyone from distant relatives to high school friends to your list.

When you have a big guest list, you’re upping the total cost of the wedding. Your wedding will also feel less intimate.

Keep numbers low by inviting close friends and family. You can also rent a small wedding venue when you have fewer guests.

Ask for Help With the Wedding

Does your relative play the piano? Do you have a friend who’s skilled in photography? Consider asking your friends or family to offer services or help instead of a gift.

You can keep your wedding on a budget and include your friends and family.

Cater the Wedding Yourself

Catering is one of the most significant expenses of a wedding. If you do the catering yourself or ask for help from your family, you can save some money.

If you don’t want to organize the catering, look for a local restaurant. Ask the owners if they would provide food for your wedding. Family-owned restaurants are an excellent spot to check.

Choose Simple and Elegant Flowers

You don’t have to spend on flowers. Go for a more straightforward option. You could give bridesmaids a single lily or rose. The bride could have a small bouquet.

Does a friend or relative have a beautiful flower garden? Consider making the bouquets the day before the wedding. Cut the roses yourself and trim away the thorns.

You can stick to a budget and still have beautiful flowers for the big day.

Don’t Pick up Bridesmaid and Groomsmen Gifts

It’s custom to give gifts to the bridal party, but it isn’t necessary. Instead of picking up gifts they might not use, schedule a date in the future.

You could get together for lunch or have them over for a night.

Create Your Invitations

You can make classy invitations at home. Do you have a printer and a home scanner at home? Pick up a blank invitation kit from a store.

There are online programs like Canva that can help you with design. There are ready-made templates to use.

DIY When Possible

A lot of bridal parties take on more significant DIY projects. You can make the wedding decor, and even the wedding cake.

To find out if a DIY project will save you money, research the cost of the item. Next, compare the price to how much it would be if you made it yourself.

Now You Have Some Wedding Budget Tips

We hope this guide on a wedding budget was helpful. Now that you have some wedding planning ideas sit down with your partner to discuss your plan.

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