Sometimes the influencer world feels saturated and it can be difficult to know how to stand out amongst the masses. At the same time, there is so much work that goes into creating content that the thought of adding on another layer can feel completely overwhelming. That’s why, as an influencer, you need a video brand studio, like Bynder – click here to check it out. 

What is a video brand studio?

Video is the next step up from taking eye-catching photos and will really help your content stand out on social media or on your website. That said, not all of us have the skills or time to create video content regularly, especially not to the same level as the rest of our work, and it doesn’t make sense to put out something that isn’t entirely polished and on-brand. Bynder offers you the ability to put videos together incredibly quickly and easily, without any prior knowledge of video editing or creation. You can use your own branding so your audience knows immediately whose video it is, and there is even built-in analytics so you can see what is working well and what needs to be tweaked. 

Another massive benefit is the ability to export directly to YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram, without having to reedit to account for the differences in specifications and sizes. Thankfully, the software does this entirely by itself, without changing what the video itself looks like, and keeps everything as polished and professional as you created it. 

Sharable content

People love video right now. It’s perfect for when you want to consume some content without having to read and is something a little more interesting than just photos. By creating videos, you are giving yourself more chances of your content being shared and therefore getting your profile in front of a whole new audience who may become loyal followers. It’s a great way to grow your brand. Just be sure to create videos that are interesting or entertaining, add value or give information. Ask yourself “Why should someone watch this video? What’s the reason?”, so you can be sure that you’re not just creating a video for the sake of it, but really adding value to your audiences’ day. 

It is also a great thing to be able to offer potential advertisers and brands who approach you the opportunity to collaborate through video. Being able to create video content will put you above a lot of other influencers who might only offer images. 

A lot of social media platforms are prioritizing video content when it comes to organic reach too, so this is a great way to ensure your content is being seen. You don’t have to create only videos of course, but by offering different options, you are more likely to grow your audience organically.

As you can see, creating an eye-catching, branded video doesn’t have to be as time-consuming as learning an entirely new skill, and yet it can really elevate your online presence.