Branded promotional items are one of the most effective forms of marketing for companies. By giving your clients goods for free, you’ll go a long to showing them how valued they are – while also serving a timely reminder of your goods and services by featuring your logo on goods they might end up using every day.

Giveaways help foster a valuable bond with your customers and the modern printing and publishing techniques available these days mean you won’t break the bank getting them produced. If you’re looking for a cost-effective way to put your brand front and center with your customers, there are surely few better ways than distributing branded goods for free. Below are just a few of the more popular items you could try. 

Branded pens

While it’s true a lot of our communication has moved away from traditional pen and paper, there are still countless times when it’s far easier to jot down details or leave notes for others. By supplying branded pens to your customers, you’ll be giving them a tool they’ll likely use every day while also reminding them you exist and possibly encouraging them to get in touch. 

Sticky notes, printed notebooks, or diaries

We’ve been hearing about the dawn of the paperless office for many years but, the reality is, it’s very unlikely we’ll ever move away from the tradition of handwriting important meeting points or leaving sticky notes for our work colleagues. If you supply your clients with branded paper items, you’ll have every likelihood of pushing your company logo, web address, and email contact details on a daily basis. 

Clothing featuring your logo

The quality of materials and print available these days provided by commercial printers is exceptional compared to even just a few years ago and, in many cases, you’ll find it hard to differentiate between clothing produced by a local printer compared to established fashion brands. Perhaps more importantly, if your clients wear your branded goods you’ll also benefit from free advertising. Companies like can supply everything from printed T-shirts to fleeces, socks, and hats. 


While it might not seem immediately obvious, there’s a huge value in providing less work-oriented merchandise for your clients – and sunglasses are one such type of item. In the US alone, sunglass sales valued at almost $139 billion in 2019, so providing customers with this mainstay fashion item (branded with your logo obviously) will save them the expense of buying their own – plus give them a regular reminder of your company. 

Tech items

The world has changed markedly in recent years and these days we all make use of – and rely on – an almost dizzying area of high-tech devices. From relatively low-cost tech like portable USB drives to speakers, Bluetooth headphones, or even smartwatches, providing a branded tech item will set you head and shoulders above your competitors. 

The takeaway

Giving your clients corporate merchandise is a hugely effective way to show your appreciation while also providing the perfect marketing vehicle to keep your firm at the forefront of their minds. While other forms of promotion might seemingly provide a more immediate benefit in terms of response, you should not underestimate the power of these subtle influencers in terms of building your brand and cementing client connections.