Near to the top of the list of things to be done before a wedding is sorting out who is going to capture it all, and understandably so. With 96% of couples categorizing planning a wedding as extremely stressful, getting wedding photography sorted is vital as it is the one element that you will carry with you for the rest of time. 

But just having a photographer isn’t enough. There are other elements that all couples should bear in mind if the only hitch they want is the one keeping them together. 

Allow us to help you out with some of our best wedding photography tips!

1. Get to Know Your Photographer

In planning your big day, deciding upon and meeting your photographer can seem just another task to tick off the list. But there is good reason to pay particular attention to if your photographer is the right fit for you

On such a public day, when you are likely to be pulled this way and that, your photographer is one of the few constants (other than your lucky partner) that will have close contact with you throughout the day. So as well as deciding on whether you like their shots, take the time as a couple if you actually like the person. 

Meeting, in person or virtually also, leaves an opportunity to clarify what is expected on both ends before signing on the dotted line. 

2. There’s a Time for Everything

Having structure at your wedding is the best antidote against stress and applying that to the wedding photography timeline will pay off big time. Will things run over….yes! But sitting down to

figure out what is happening and when (and allowing for a bit of wiggle room) will greatly help the photographer and you to make the most of your day. 

Simple things like letting them know when make-up and hair will be done when you expect to get to the venue, as well as have the first dance can be included. That way the photographer can be set up and ready in time to get all the snaps you desire.    

3. Get the Troops in Line!

If there is one thing that you can guarantee at a wedding its unpredictability. The biggest culprits of this are the family guests, so to avoid them complicating matters for you when you need them most, have clear in mind who you want in your photos. 

Remember, the photographer doesn’t know who is important to you both. Therefore it is on you to fill them in with who your nearest and dearest are so there are no disappointments when looking back. 

Another great wedding photography idea is to designate someone to bring in the troops to make sure that Aunt Pearl doesn’t decide to go to have a cocktail just when her time is up!

4. Have Fun in a Photo Booth

Nowadays your wedding photography isn’t just confined to your photographer. Many choose to include a premier photo booth adding a welcome bit of tomfoolery to an already joyous occasion. 

But photo booths can go a bit flat if you aren’t careful. To avoid this make sure the setup fits the aesthetic theme of your wedding and if the time frame includes the setup and pack away time. 

People tend to have a great time with them so it would be a shame if things got shut down earlier than you thought due to a time miscalculation.

Get the Most Out of Your Wedding Photography

Your wedding will make 24 hrs feel as if they have flown by in an instant. 

For that reason planning ahead to make sure your wedding photography can capture your precious moments is so important. We hope our wedding photography tips will help you to do that!

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