CBN (cannabinol) is extracted from the cannabis plant and unlike THC is a non-psychoactive compound. CBN was legalized for sale as a medical product in the 2018 Farm Bill as long as any products containing it have less than 0.3% THC. Many CBN products not only meet this criteria many have no THC at all which means these products easily meet the criteria of the Farm Bill for legal sale. CBN has found itself in a variety of different forms and products and is slowly starting to become more commonplace for sale. These products are a new and innovative part of the wider cannabis market and new uses are being discovered as the market segment continues to grow.

What Is A CBN Isolate?

The answer to what is CBN isolate is that CBN isolate is a highly concentrated form of CBN. CBN isolates can be created through various methods with the most popular among consumers being through CO2 extraction however, other methods such as ethanol extraction also exist. Cannabinol is 99% pure having removed all other compounds and plant components leaving only the cannabinol. Isolates are the most common form of CBN extract on the market today and can be used in many applications.

What Is CBN Isolate Used For?

As a concentrate CBN isolate is very purified, you only need to add a small amount of it to whatever you make to achieve the desired potency. CBN isolate also is tasteless and odorless meaning it won’t affect the taste of any consumables it’s added to. As for what CBN isolate can be added to the list is a long one. It can be used in medical products such as soft gels, topical creams, and nasal sprays. It can be added to other smokable products to increase potency. CBN isolate can be added to food creating a variety of edibles ranging from cookies, teas, hard candies, gummies, and more. The amount of items that can be created using CBN isolate seems to only be limited by innovation and imagination.

What Benefits Does CBN Offer?

Research and testing are showing CBN has medicinal benefits and very practical applications. The most commonly reported effects are a calming and relaxing sensation, leading to people with anxiety and chronic pain using it for its calming effects. Other testing shows CBN may help with inflammation which can reduce symptoms of arthritis. Also reported is an increase in appetite, which can be quite useful as many health conditions negatively impact hunger, reducing a person’s well-being and overall physical health. As a newer product more testing and trials are required to come to a definitive scientific conclusion. That being said current results are positive and are reasons to be optimistic.

Final Thoughts

As the above shows CBN isolate is a fascinating product that can be used in many ways to create CBN products for whatever needs a buyer may have. As the scientific literature continues to grow, there will be a more complete picture of the practical uses of CBN isolate. The wide selection of uses for CBN isolate ensures you will find a product to fit your needs.