Nowadays, you don’t need to stand in the rain to hail a taxi to get to where you need to be. Car-sharing services have made it easy to request a ride from the comfort of your home no matter the weather. This type of service is gaining traction as the most preferred method of commuting, particularly in population-dense areas such as Los Angeles. But, what makes these car-sharing services the popular choice? What are the advantages and disadvantages of using these services when compared to conventional taxi rides? Well, keep on reading to find out more.

Advantages of Car-Sharing

Assists People With Limited Mobility

Did you know that UberAssist was designed to provide assistance to the elderly and disabled people? It offers door-to-door assistance to millions of people in various centers and retirement homes. The most popular car-sharing companies, Uber and Lyft work directly with different organizations to cater to these demographics.

For example, they have trained drivers that help the elderly and people with disabilities to commute safely. They offer discounted rides to low-income households that need to access grocery stores. They have also pledged to transport people to their job interviews and medical appointments.

Reduces Racial Discrimination

Research studies suggest that black riders that try to hail classic taxi services are racially discriminated against. This means that the probability of these taxis to cancel or provide below-par service increases when a rider is a black person. Car-sharing services provide effective ways to minimize racial-ethnic discrimination within service quality.

Offers Convenient and Affordable Transportation

The safety features that have been integrated into car-sharing apps have helped to improve access to quick, safe, and convenient rides. Moreover, you no longer need to rely on using cash to pay for your transportation needs. All you should do is link your bank account details to the app, and you are good to go.

They Keep Drunk Drivers Off The Road

If you are looking for effective ways to reduce drunk driving stats, then car-sharing is your solution. Research also estimates that this innovative service can save lives and billions of dollars that are spent on DUI-related cases annually.

They Have Increased Employment Opportunities

The flexibility in the business model of these car-sharing companies offers individuals the opportunity to work full-time or part-time.

Disadvantages of Car-Sharing Services

While car-sharing services offer several benefits to their users, it goes without saying that there are drawbacks with every business model. The following are some disadvantages of using car-sharing services.

  • They have been associated with increased traffic emissions. The decrease in public transportation use has been linked to congestion in densely populated cities.
  • The income is not fixed nor is it consistent. This puts economic pressure on the drivers.
  • Sometimes there is limited security information on the drivers due to a lack of thorough investigation by the companies.

The risks of car-sharing services have raised concerns about whether they are as safe as they claim to be.

The Bottom Line

Car-sharing services have been lauded for their cutting-edge benefits for everyday commuters. They have provided various communities with access to mobility services that they would not have access to given their financial status. However, there are still concerns about their regulatory policies to improve the safety concerns of users.

There are many developments that continue to happen in this industry. When you think of cities that are making strides with car sharing Los Angeles has created an electric car-sharing service. The aim of this pilot project is to increase the use of renewable energy while reducing the costs of mobility for all users.