Moving to a new area can be a truly scary experience, especially if you don’t know whether or not you’re going to get along with your new neighbors. So, if you have some new neighbors moving into your neighborhood, it can be helpful to them if you do your best to make them feel at home. There are a few great ways to make your new neighbors feel welcome, which is what this article aims to cover.

Say Hi

Making first contact in and of itself can be truly difficult when you’re new to an area. You never know how your new neighborhood operates, which is why it can be so nice when someone takes it upon themselves to come and introduce themselves to you. Suddenly, you know who you’re talking to, and the ice has been broken.

Offer to Help Them Move In

A great way to double down on this is to offer to help them move in while you’re at it. That way, you let them know that you are both friendly and happy to help, so they’ll feel more comfortable coming to you for anything else they might need while getting used to their new environment.

Send Them a Gift Basket

Gifts are another great way to make someone feel welcome, and while it is always nice to bring a home-cooked meal to someone’s house, another great alternative is to send them one of the best gift baskets they’ve ever had. That way, you don’t risk making them a meal they can’t eat due to a dietary requirement you don’t know about.

Invite Them to Dinner

Of course, if you are looking to properly befriend your new neighbors then you are going to need an occasion where you can talk more fully with one another. Inviting them to dinner is a great way to do this—just be sure to ask about any dietary requirements ahead of time so that you don’t run into any issues.

Show Them Around

Once you’re well on the way to friendship with your new neighbors, you can offer to take them around the area and show them anything they might want to see. While you’re at it, you can introduce them to different people throughout the neighborhood, which can be helpful to them if they’re looking for a way to start talking to others.

Give Them Some Info on Local Groups and Services

Another brilliant way to help them get adjusted to their new area is to put together a little guidebook of sorts that has the names and numbers of a variety of services and groups that they might have the need for at one point or another. This saves them from having to search around and provides them with well-recommended groups and services right off the bat.

Respect Their Wishes

Finally, if your new neighbors don’t seem to be responding well to you, then you should let them be. If they don’t want to be involved, that’s their choice, and respecting that is the best way to help them settle comfortably into their new home.