Okay, gentlemen, listen up. If you’re getting ready to tie the knot, your bride isn’t the only one with responsibilities she’s got to handle. In fact, you’ve got quite a long checklist of what you’re expected to take care of, too!

In this handy groom guide, we go over thirteen essential groom duties that you’ll be expected to handle. Let’s take a look at what you need to know about getting ready for your big day.

  1. Gathering Guest Addresses

One of the first responsibilities of the groom is to gather your guests’ addresses. And, trust us, in a world where social media rules all, the chances are slim that you have many of your friend’s physical addresses. That can make rounding up the guest list’s details pretty tough!

Luckily, you can do this by creating a simple Facebook group for addresses. Or, you can use a wedding planning app to help you quickly collect and organize all your guests’ addresses.

  1. Plan the Honeymoon

While you can certainly choose to plan the honeymoon with your partner, this is traditionally the groom’s job. Typically, you’ll be responsible for handling all the logistics and booking.

Or, you can take things to the next level and surprise your better half with a honeymoon you know she’ll love! Whichever route you choose to go, make sure you talk to your partner about it beforehand.

  1. Pick Out the Groom Cake

While a groom cake isn’t mandatory, it can be a fun addition to your wedding. If you’re planning on having a groom cake at your reception, you’ll want to plan out what theme you’d like the cake to have and take care of the cake order.

  1. Organize Wedding Transport

Another classic duty of the groom is to plan the wedding transportation. You can choose to go above and beyond and arrive at the wedding venue in vintage vehicles. Or, you can surprise your bride with a classic horse and carriage to take you to the venue.

  1. Arrange Accommodation for Guests

As the groom, you’re responsible for arranging the accommodation for your guests. You’ll want to research a few different options for guests to stay at and let them know ahead of time about pricing. This will help make it easier for out-of-town guests to make it to your big event!

  1. Plan Your Groomsmen Attire

While the bride handles what the bridal party will wear, it’s time for you to arrange and organize what the groomsmen will be walking down the aisle in. You could have the groomsmen wear color-coordinated clothing or require each of them to have a matching suit.

If you choose to rent or buy suits, make sure that all the guys make it into a fitting simultaneously and with plenty of time before the big day. Plus, you’ll probably need to organize brothers and dads, too.

  1. Pick Up Your Tuxedo

While we’re talking about outfits, let’s not forget your own wedding attire. If you’re renting or buying a tuxedo or a suit, you’ll need to go for a fitting and get your outfit ready to go before the big day.

There are plenty of unique groom wedding trends to look into as well, so make sure to check out all your clothing options. After all, you want to look your absolute best on your big day.

  1. Choose the Photographer and Videographer

Documenting your special day is an important part of wedding planning. That means finding a photographer and videographer that can capture your wedding day.

You can often do this with your partner. However, taking care of the videography and photography is a nice way to give your partner a break and take some stress off her shoulders.

  1. Organize Cash Payments and Tips

Most vendors require you to make your final payment on the day of the wedding. If you’re planning to pay them in cash, organize the cash payments in clearly labeled envelopes.

You may also want to give tips to vendors who went above and beyond. Of course, tips should always be paid in cash, even if you’re planning to pay electronically for the remaining balances.

  1. Arrange the Bar

If you have alcohol at the wedding, you’ll need to make sure you organize the bar. This could mean simply ordering wine and beer, or it could require coming up with a signature cocktail. Either way, tackling the bar is one of the key groom duties you should be prepared for.

  1. Buy Gifts for Your Groomsmen

One great way to thank your groomsmen and show your appreciation to them for showing up on your big day is with groomsmen gifts. You can give cufflinks, a personalized bottle of wine, or another gift.

Be sure to give each groomsman a handwritten note with your gift, too. This helps show that you’re truly thankful and makes the gift more personal.

  1. Write Your Speech

One of the biggest groom’s duties is writing your wedding speech. So be sure to write and practice your speech ahead of time to reduce your nerves on the big day.

Handle Your Groom Duties With Ease

With this helpful guide to groom duties, you’re ready to take care of planning a wedding that your friends will be talking about for months. And, you’ll have the future Mrs. feeling relaxed and ready to say, “I do,”

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