Your family will create great first impressions when you step into that event dressed appropriately. But picking the right clothes for specific occasions isn’t always easy and involves a myriad of choices.

Are you looking forward to family events? Think of graduations, weddings, thanksgivings, birthdays; whatever kind of event you plan on attending, you can get the best outfits from IRO Women for everyone in your family. 

Need help? Below are tips for dressing your family for an event.

  • Go Through Your Wardrobe 

There is nothing worse than dealing with wardrobe issues on the morning of a family event. What would you do if your daughters’ shoes didn’t fit or your son’s favorite shirt had a hole, and you didn’t know? This kind of mess will only create tension and delays as you try to make last-minute purchases or repairs. 

The only way to avoid this situation is to find out what every family member has before the event day. They should also try their outfit to identify any stains or holes and ensure the clothes and shoes fit perfectly.

Knowing what is available and what you need to purchase will help you plan and dress everyone for the occasion. If possible, go through the wardrobes three or two weeks prior. However, please don’t do it too early; otherwise, your kids may outgrow their clothes.

Additionally, you will have a chance to make any necessary alterations to the outfits, for instance, repairing the hems, especially for adults. You would also want to ensure that the suit jacket and dress aren’t baggy. 

  • Consider the Dress Code

Some occasions require you to follow a specific dress code. For instance, wearing jeans or shorts to a wedding won’t look great. Adults look perfect in suits and dresses for formal events. 

As for the children, avoid outfits that scream playground. To avoid confusion, find out whether or not the event you are attending has a dress code. Check out these typical dress codes ideas;

  • White tie

While your kids may not be invited to a white tie event, you and your spouse might get an invitation. A state dinner event, for instance, is a formal event that calls for a full-length ball gown and a long-tail tuxedo matched with a white bow tie. 

  • Black tie 

A black-tie event is commonly an evening affair. Tuxedos are a perfect choice for makes, while ladies can pick full-length evening gowns. 

  • Beach formal 

Dresses and heels come in handy during the summer season. Men and boys can wear shirts, linen suits, and pants.

  • Casual 

Casual events allow you to wear anything that feels comfortable in, from dresses to pants and shirts. However, find out if the occasion follows a theme and stick to it. 

  • Consider the Weather and Location

Another factor that you shouldn’t ignore is the location of the occasion and the weather. Google weather forecast to know how the weather will be, especially if the event is open-aired. 

Every member of your family will enjoy the event when dressed appropriately; for instance, you might need hats and sunglasses when attending a sunny beach wedding. 

The choice of fabric is also crucial when preparing for a family event. During summer, pick fabrics like linen or cotton that absorb moisture. During cold seasons, fabrics like heavy cotton and wool will keep you warm. 

Consider which shoes, layers, and accessories are ideal for the weather and location. For instance, you will be more comfortable in boots in an outdoor event during Winter. If it’s an indoor occasion, a winter coat might be unnecessary. 

  • Think About Color

Choice of color is crucial, especially in events that include photo sessions. With color coordination, the photos and family portraits will look great. 

For example, if the color theme of your friend’s wedding is pink, your family would look awkward showing up in black dresses and pants. Another example is a burial ceremony whose typical color theme is black and white, don’t wear red clothes. 

Alternatively, if the event doesn’t have a specific color theme, dress your family in color-matching outfits so you can stand out from the crowd. 

For formal events, choose black and white colors. For Casual occasions, don’t hesitate to try out bright colors like green, purple, red, or pink. 

  • Take Time to Plan 

Everything you see and admire takes time to plan and execute. If you’re looking forward to creating a family portrait similar to that of a Royal family, then make necessary alterations and purchases as early as now. Planning the last minute is the perfect receipt for failure. 

Additionally, you can visit your tailor or designer ahead of time and give them information regarding the occasion dress code and color theme. They can help you choose the best fabric, accessories, and style for every member of your family. 

Final Thoughts

Ensure all your loved ones looks good and feel comfortable in their event outfits. Besides the clothes, don’t forget to take care of grooming; get the nails done and a haircut for males. Finally, put your best foot forward and smile for the world!